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The first battle of the Mai Xin Cup, Shen Zhen, was hit by the cold win rate close to the scheduled schedule

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Special reporter Guke reported that at the beginning of the new year, various competitions in South Korea still carried out as usual.On January 2nd, the 24th Maixin Cup in South Korea was held in the Korean Go TV studio.Betterless history.

Mai Xin Cup was founded in 2000 and was limited to nine sections.The earliest was a game specially designed for middle -aged and elderly players. Cao Xunyi Nine and Li Changhao did not participate in the competition for many years.It is rare to win the championship year, and it is a good story.From the top of Li Shishi in 2005, Mai Xin Cup returned to young people. Li Shishi won five times in a total of five

The four crowns in the World Championship, the “first person” of South Korea, Shen Zhenjiu, and Mai Xin’s cup are very shallow. So far, they only won the championship in 2019.In February 2022, he first won the LG Cup championship, and then won 4 consecutive victories in the final stage of the Three Kingdoms of the Nongxin Cup. Ending the game, when the momentum is like a rainbow, he turned his head to the top of the 16th battle of the Mai Xin Cup.Lost to Yin Yan Xiang’s nine paragraphs, leaving the truth for some valid Internet discussions.

Shen Zhenzhen and Li Zhixian met the first round of the championship in the first round. In 2019, Shen Zhenzhen won the nine sections of Li Dongxun 2-1 in the finals and won the first championship for the first time.It is also the first time to reach the top.When the bureau was 70 hands, Li Zhixian, who was in the black, even played a big knife in front of Guan Gong, and decided to dispatch the black residue in the white array below, and put on a trend of not being afraid of “application of art intelligence” at all.

A shocking scene appeared in actual combat. Black really lived a clever life in the white sky, breaking the field balance between the two sides in one fell swoop. At this time, Black’s winning percentage was close to 100 %, and Shen Zhenzhang was in a desperate situation.

Shen Zhenzheng then began a series of magical operations similar to making Ziqi. From the four roads on the top, using the awareness of Black Available, he forced the opponent step by step to force the opponent step by step.When White blocked the big black chess inside and forced him to work, he had faintly seen the dawn of the counterattack.

In the busy chaos, Li Zhixian leaked. Originally, the black Dragon could at least make a robbery, but the actual combat Li Zhixian had to open up the black path to the black and go home.As a result, as he wished, it was just a single official back. The periphery was searched by a variety of meat cuts and bones in the periphery.Zero to 90%, but only 60 shots.

Once Shen Zhenyu’s advantage is holding, Li Zhixian has no room for turning.To 232 hands, Shen Zhenzhuan won the middle.At the same time, in another game of the top 32 battle, Li Ying’s ninety -nine section won the dragon of the nine sections of An Chengjun through the robbery.

The Korean Maixin Cup is the first title battle every year. Five 40 seconds of courses in 10 minutes each after 10 minutes, and the championship and runner -up bonuses are 50 million and 20 million won, respectively.In the last competition, Park Tingzheng won the nine sections of Li Dongxun 2-0 in the finals, and won the fourth championship in ten years.

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