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The final men’s volleyball finals Beijing Double Kill Shanghai successfully defended the fourth championship of the league


Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team

On the evening of January 5th, Beijing time, the 2022-2023 season Chinese men’s volleyball super league finals ended in Baoding, Hebei.In the second round of the finals, the defending champion Beijing Automobile swept Shanghai Guangming 3-0, winning the championship with a total score of 2-0 in the three-game two-game series.And 25-21.This is the crowns of the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team after the 2020-2021 season (Note: 2021-2022 The Super Men’s Volleyball League due to the cancellation of the new crown epidemic), successfully won the fourth championship of the team history league.The defeated Shanghai men’s volleyball team’s impact on the 17th championship was frustrated, and finally harvested the team’s 4th league runner -up.

Both sides of the finals followed the main lineup of the first round.Beijing’s first debut is the main attack Liu Libin, Jashk (the United States), the deputy attack Holt (USA), and Schikleidov (Belarus), which is in response to Elandus (Cuba), the second pass of Liu Ze and the free manHan Huangguang.The first to appear in Shanghai is the main attacking Hutorner (Italy), Bednotz (Poland), the deputy attack Zhang Zhejia and Rao Shuhan, which responded to Julio Sabi (Italy), the second pass, Guo Cheng and the free man Qu ZongshuaiEssence

In the first game, Eldus jumped straight and Holt twice blocked the network. Beijing was over 5-2.Julio Sabi and Hutorine have lost their offensives, and Shanghai 3-8 lags behind.Jashk and Elnands have repeatedly built, and Beijing is 15-8.After Holt’s continuous scores were opened to 18-9, Shanghai replaced Hutan Toluna with Fu Houwen.Jashk’s jumping and counterattack continuous pressure, Beijing 25-12 won a game first.

In the second game, Shanghai, who lags behind 2 points, surpassed Zhang Zhejia’s block and Bednotz’s counterattack 6-4.Jashk’s strong attack was chased into 7 draws, and Shanghai’s national deputy attack Zhang Zhejia’s lameness left the field and was replaced by Liu Jiajun.Liu Libin jumped with 2 points, Josch blocked and counterattacked, Shanghai 13-10 first.Beijing’s serving wheels in Jashk was fully pressured, expanding its leading advantage to 17-11 in one fell swoop.In the second half of the game, it is difficult for Shanghai to have a chance to counterattack. Elandez fixed the score at 25-18, and Beijing won another game.

In the third inning, Shanghai changed to the main attack by Fu Houwen and Bednotz, and Liu Jiajun joined forces for Rao Shuhan.After the two teams held each other 8 draws, Ernands and Liu Libin successively hit their officers, and Holt succeeded in three blocks, and Beijing exceeded 13-8.Liu Jiajun took the successful succession, Bedoruz pushed the attack, and Shanghai chased it to 13-15.Holt jumped straight, Beijing 17-13.Fu Houwen and Julio Sabi hit the ball successively, and Shanghai was approaching 21-22.Jashk has forced the wheel, the Julio Sabi to go out of the border, and the Holt jumped to make a job.

Beijing’s main attack Jashke won 16 points for scoring king. The deputy attack Holt and the response to Eldus scored 15 points, and the main attack Liu Libin and the deputy attack Stecadif both scored 7 points.Shanghai’s connection Julio Sabi scored the highest 14 points in its own, the main attack Bedonitz contributed 10 points, and the two attacks Rao Shuhan and Zhang Zhejia both scored 3 points.Liu Jiajun only scored 2 points.(Caucasus)

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