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The epidemic suddenly came to the Football Association Cup that has not been affected by many escort power to keep it lost

On November 7, the 2021 China Football Association Cup Eighth Battle and the Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fourth Fortune’s all -rounds ended in the Dalian Division. Finally, the Shandong Taishan Team and the Shanghai Harbor team joined hands to enter the Chinese Football Association Cup finals. The two teams will decide the final decision. The champion belongs. Just last week, the epidemic occurred in Dalian, but the FA Cup Organizing Committee with rich and guaranteed experience achieved a calm response and efficient and steady treatment in the face of this emergencies to ensure that the work of the competition region was carried out in an orderly manner. A satisfactory answer sheet was submitted to the guarantee of the Football Association Cup again.

The Dalian Division has previously held the Super League and the China League of China and the Chinese League. The Dalian Division has been escorted for important Chinese football events for two consecutive years, and has accumulated rich experience for how domestic sports events in the epidemic. It can be said that from the perspective of several important guarantees such as epidemic prevention, venue, and logistics, many tasks done in the Dalian region can play a demonstration role.

Establishing epidemic prevention work to ensure zero infection

In the epidemic competition, the epidemic prevention work is the most important part of all the tasks of the competition. Since the start of the Chinese Super League last year, the Dalian Division has regarded the epidemic prevention work as a top priority and priority to ensure that the “zero epidemic and zero infection” in the competition zone ” Essence

In terms of epidemic prevention work, the Dalian Division has rich experience. From the time of hosting the Chinese Super League in 2020, the division has faced various emergencies. Before the start of the Chinese Super League, Dalian had an epidemic. At the time of the successful start, the Dalian Division made a commitment, and it will definitely ensure that the Super League will not be affected by any. The final facts prove that under the strict protection of epidemic prevention work, the epidemic prevention and control will be achieved. The goal of zero infection “, for this, the epidemic prevention and control department of the area also won the title of” Epidemic Prevention and Control Performance “awarded by the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

According to the prevention requirements of the event, the official clubs and competition officials will receive the test of the nucleic acid test at the first time they arrive at the region. After that, the first day of each round will conduct routine nucleic acid testing. According to the process of the event, it is arranged to be eliminated by the club to return the nucleic acid test. During the entire FA Cup, a total of 5 total routine detection was performed, 1 was detected by nucleic acid detection, the top 8 club switching nucleic acid testing was detected, and the club returned nucleic acid testing 5 times. According to statistics, a total of 3834 nucleic acid tests were conducted, and all the results were negative.

On the morning of November 4th, a case of a new crown pneumonia was found in Zhuanghe City, Dalian. This situation attracted great attention from the Organizing Committee of the Dalian Division in the first time, and immediately issued “notice on strengthening the 2021 FA Cup Cup Dalian Division Epidemic Prevention Work” on the afternoon of the same day. Daily disinfecting, body temperature measurement, nucleic acid detection, self -protection and other work. Special emphasis: The blue area of ​​the Dalian region is “only out of the way”. All personnel outside the blue areas must not enter the blue area before the end of the event, and all personnel who leave the blue zone must not return to the blue area before the end of the event.

At the same time, all employee nucleic acid testing was immediately organized to investigate all personnel on the itinerary to ensure that the nucleic acids in the area were normal and no personnel entered the Zhuanghe. In response to the 24 -hour nucleic acid test report required by Dalian City, the epidemic prevention work group immediately contacted the medical security unit of the event, and arranged the nucleic acid testing time according to the return time of each club.

As the Dalian epidemic continued to increase, the Organizing Committee of the Dalian Division immediately decided to ensure that the epidemic prevention work in the blue zone was all lost, and no one was allowed to enter the blue area from the epidemic. After the second round of the Shanghai Harbor and Shanghai Shenhua team, some of the green area staff could not be in contact with players in the Blue District during the competition.

The flag bearer, stretcher, and cadres of the original competition were served by the green area personnel. In order to ensure that all the green areas were unattainable, all green areas should not enter the blue area during the competition. The work of the flag bearer of the children’s work and the stretcher is temporarily held by the staff of the blue district. This can ensure the safety of the blue area to the greatest extent.

The staff concentrated in the blue area for 24 hours protection

The teams after the Eighth Finals of the FA Cup stayed in the Crown Holiday Hotel located near Dalian Sports Center. This is also the team station of the Dalian Division during the Dalian Division during the Chinese Super League last year. Because many teams entering the Finals of the Football Association have been in the Dalian Division to participate in the Super League last year, the Logistics Security Team specially arranged for them to dine familiar floors and restaurants for them again, which also made players very kind.

Dalian Youth Training Football Base has successively received a number of domestic events this year. The staff of the youth training base Bian Hehuan has entered the blue area from April, and has been closed until the FA Cup competition. During the competition, she actively participated in various organizations of the Chinese Football Association. From the competition to the media, she has her figure. She always said that she would use the spirit of the “screws” of the Communist Party to make a brick of the revolution. During the closed period of the Football Association Cup, it was just the grandma of Bian Hehuan’s 89th birthday. Because of the closed work in the blue area, Bian Hehuan insisted on her post and continued to guarantee the FA Cup event. This is also the only birthday that has not been with the old man since his granddaughter was born.

The security work of the Dalian Division during the FA Cup this time has also made great efforts. Since October 8th, since the establishment of the 2021 FA Cup event Dalian Division, Li Yong, who is responsible for security work, and colleagues in the Ministry of Security have formulated detailed and thoroughly In order to connect the four core areas and surrounding areas and public security video systems to the large screen in order to overcome the practical problems of the four core areas and surrounding areas and the surrounding areas of the residents and the public security video system. Hanging charts, three consecutive days of building a security system command center -the Security Union Command of the Security System, providing a “brain and eye” for the intelligent operation of the security system. During the Football Association Cup, in order to break the fatigue cycle of dining vision and taste, the Dalian Crown Holiday Hotel and Logistics Support Group “tailor -made” recipes in the blue area personnel, adding Chinese hot pot, sheep soup, handmade buns, Lanzhou ramen, etc. Wait. Each handmade buns can ensure that it is always hot from the pan to the meal. In terms of the purchase of ingredients, the food suppliers have completely removed the documents and the food sources can be tracked. The daily meals are left for 48 hours to actively cooperate with the work of the health and epidemic prevention department.

Multi -party personnel are available to escort the Football Association Cup

Since last year, the Chinese Super League, China A and the Football Association Cup events have been held in several domestic regions. If the lawn conditions, the venue of the Dalian region should be among the best.

In the Dalian Division, in addition to the Dalian Sports Center and Dalian Golden Stadium in Dalian, the Dalian Youth Training Base Stadium held last year. Before the FA Cup this year, the Dalian Division also hosted the Chinese League, which made the lawn of the three stadiums encounter a severe test, including the venue of the Dalian Youth Training Base because of continuous competitions. There is a decline. Before the start of the Eighth Finals of the Football Association Cup, the three stadiums carried out emergency maintenance. The competition team arrived at the quality of the preliminary inspection, re -inspection, and final inspection of the lawn every day. For some lawns that need to be repaired, the emergency treatment procedures needed to be repaired. Conservation and “transplanting” emergency repairs of the damaged lawn.

In order to allow a few venues to ensure the FA Cup competition and broadcast conditions, the three stadiums take turns to play, first of all, the Dalian Golden Stadium and Dalian Youth Training Base hosted the top eight competitions. Dalian Sports Center. For the venue of the Football Association Cup, many teams who came to the Dalian Division to participate in the FA Cup competition also said that it is quite difficult to maintain this extent in continuous competition.

In addition, affected by the epidemic, no audience entered the FA Cup competition in the Dalian Division. In order to allow fans to watch wonderful competitions through the screen, they can still get information about the Football Association Cup event through news. The committee invited Beijing TV Station and Tianjin TV Station to form a TV broadcast signal production team of more than 70 people, and invited the news media report team of more than 20 people such as Tencent Sports and Knowing the Gill Emperor to strive to show the Football Association Cup comprehensive and three -dimensional display. Before the fans. Especially since the finals of the 1/4 final, the TV broadcast has increased from the first two rounds of the first two rounds to add a high -speed camera behind a goal and Stanni with a side line. Limitation enhances the sense of lives that fans watch.

This year happened to be the 65th anniversary of the FA Cup. This year with a special commemorative significance. The FA Cup Organizing Committee not only hopes that everyone will watch the wonderful competitions on the field, but also organize the 65th anniversary shooting team of the Football Association. The cup -pro -the person has produced the 65th anniversary series of micro -documentary, allowing everyone to understand the history, culture, and the wonderful stories behind the scenes.

The FA Cup Organizing Committee also opened the official account on platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou this year. Before each game, the team training live broadcast and live broadcast press conference to interweave the official Weibo and official WeChat public account. Through different forms and platforms, the wonderful content of the Football Association Cup is passed on to different groups. I hope that more people will understand, pay attention, and love the Chinese Football Association Cup, the oldest domestic football history.

It can be said that all the competitions between the Eighth Finals and the semi -finals of the FA Cup can be successfully concluded, especially in the case of emergencies. The work of all aspects of the media can be completed smoothly, which is the result of everyone’s efforts. At the time of closed time in the blue area, all staff loses the usual rest time and the time of family reunion. There is no other except at work every day. Everyone. The successful holding of the FA Cup Dalian Division is inseparable from everyone’s dedication. (Yu Jing)

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