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The end of the Finals of the National Games Sailing Winning Qualification Tournament will start on September 4

On September 2nd, the Fourteenth National Games Sailing Competition (Weifang Division) Qualification Tournament received sails. The dust of 18 ships (boards) settled.

Great large -scale celebrities gathered

The National Games is the highest -level and largest comprehensive sports meeting in China. In view of the good waters and wind conditions of Weifang and the wind conditions, rich experience in running, etc., finally determined that of the 17th sailing projects of the 14th National Games in Shandong Weifang, Shandong Weifang. 9 projects. “The number of small items of the National Games Sailing Project has created history. There are 17 projects, of which 9 projects will be generated in the Weifang Division.” Said Su Ke, deputy secretary general of the China Sailing Winning Sports Association.

It is worth mentioning that the National Games Sailing Competition is also the first time in Weifang’s history of the National Games to produce a gold medal project. For Weifang, it is of great significance and far -reaching impact. At the just -concluded Tokyo Olympic Games, Lu Yunxiu and Bi Yan, who won 1 gold and 1 copper, will also appear on the Weifang Binhai Stadium for the Chinese delegation.

Weifang Binhai hosted a triumphant celebration meeting for the National Sailing Winter Team

Fujian team member, Tokyo Olympic sailing women’s windshooting RS: X -level gold medal winner Lu Yunxiu said in the interview: “I have been to Binhai to participate in the competition and training before. Project. Beautiful beaches, training and competition here make people feel very enjoyable. “Lu Yunxiu participated in the competition on behalf of the Fujian team, with Shi Hongmei, Yan Yan of the Zhejiang team, Tan Yue of the Liaoning team, Li Xiaoyan, Sun Jiali of the Guangdong team, etc. Fierce competition.

Men’s rinking athlete Bi Ji appeared on the training ground of the Binhai Happy Sea Beach on August 29. “I have come to Binhai to train before. This time, the training and the atmosphere of the competition here are getting better and better.” Bi Yan represented the Hainan team to participate in the National Games Men’s Manchuria RS: X -level final.

“For the participating teams, the National Games is like the Olympic Games, and it is also a big test. Each participating team attaches great importance to the National Games. The best athletes in the country will be very fierce. And we will be particularly fierce. In this National Games, a new setting was also made -the standard for docking the Olympic Games. This event is basically a project to recommend a athlete to participate in the finals. Such rules have increased from another level. The internal competition of the team has promoted the better development of sailing sports at the competitive level. “Zhang Xiaodong, deputy director of the Water Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports and chairman of the China Sailing Winning Sports Association.

The stadium competes to break the waves

In the past 4 days, a group of “elves” continued to move on the blue sea surface of Weifang’s coastal. You chase me on the sailing boat on the sea.

“The waters and wind conditions on the Binhai side are very good, which is very suitable for sailing and windsurfing competitions. Compared with last year, this year’s facilities are also more perfect. Local operations, we must play the real strength and sprint to the gold medal.” Ding Mingcheng, athletes from the Shandong team, told reporters that this time he and his companions participated in the mixed Nokara level 17 competition. They came to Binhai to conduct training in April. After the qualification competition, they also successfully won the final qualification. “Because it is home, we are confident in the game.” Ding Mingcheng said.

Ding Mingcheng introduced that due to the wind of the sailing boat, it was greatly affected by the external environment, coupled with the width of the hull, and the venue area, etc., the players need to adjust the sails and rudder at all times according to the wind and water direction. The sailing project is also a challenge to their details while testing the physical endurance of the athletes. “Mixed Nokara level 17 is a two -body ship, so when the bid is winding, its inclination angle is greater, and we need to balance it through our own weight and support direction, which tests our emergency handling capacity.” Ding Mingcheng is right. The reporter said.

The finals are waiting and seeing

After 4 days of competition, a total of 24 athletes have obtained 18 final qualifications.

At this point, the final qualifications of the Fourteenth National Games Sailing Competition (Weifang Division) have been “famous flowers”. Among them, Shandong, Zhejiang, and Guangdong are ranked in the finals with 14, 14, and 13, respectively. The top three of the unit. On September 4, the more intense finals are about to start. What is the result? let us wait and see!

Source of this article: Weifang Binhai District Release

Reporter: Zhou Shuang

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