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The eighth “Sports Lottery • Jetson Jewelry Cup” Go League closed


The guests and the award -winning team took a group photo

On the afternoon of November 20, the 8th “Sports Lottery • Jetthay Jewelry Cup” Shenzhen Go League ended in the Chinese hall on the 24th floor of the United States Hotel in Luohu District. Essence Among the super teams, the Wanjinghua Team, Jilin University team, and the Southern Science Brigade won the champion, runner -up and third runner -up; among the Grade A team, the Shenzhen University of Technology, Lingyun Chess, and Fangchen Shouzhuo team won the champion, runner -up and third place. At the same time, at the same time, the former Super Team Dahua Tax Team, Thunder Electronics Team, and Xiaoming said the wine team dropped into the Grade A team.


The guests and the staff of the organizing committee took a group photo

On the day of the closing ceremony, the guests, the referee and staff of the league organizing committee, the coaches, players and many Go enthusiasts of the 33 competition teams gathered together. Guests attending the closing ceremony are: Zhang Jin, deputy director of the Shenzhen Mass Sports Promotion Center, Cai Haitao, chairman of Shenzhen Jetheng Jewelery Co., Ltd., Liang Weitang, head of the Intellectual Ministry of Intellectuals of the Shenzhen Municipal Mass Sports Promotion Center, Luo Zihe, the world champion, The champion, the referee of the conference, Yun Yun, Li Junyu, president of the Shenzhen Go Association, and Peng Xiaofeng, President of the Luohu District Chess and Card Association.

At the closing ceremony, the guests awarded trophy, medals and certificates to the winning teams and players.


Cai Haitao (first from right), chairman of Jie Sheng Jewelery, presented awards to the super team champion Wan Jinghua.


Li Junyu (first from right), president of the Shenzhen Go Association, presented awards to the Shenzhen University of Technology.

This year, more than 400 teams of more than 33 teams and Grade A teams have gathered in the competition. After two weeks and 4 days, they have successfully completed the established schedule, achieving the purpose of tempering the team, and promoted the booming development of Shenzhen Go. Essence This event adopts new cloud albums and cloud video technology promotion competitions, attracting nearly one million people to pay attention to the latest results of the game on the Internet. At the same time, combined with the epidemic prevention situation adopts the method of testing, sweeping the yard, inspection code, and the tour of the field, we can successfully complete the epidemic prevention organization work of the competition.

As soon as you talk about it, you can do everything! As a competitive culture and exchanges, Go shows the personality of people in all strata in Chinese culture for thousands of years. Zhongzheng, internal repair, toughness, and retreat. Just as the players on both sides of the chessboard, they are qi and leisure. And when this “competition” is more linked to the spiritual realm and life perception, this kind of “competition” is more artistic. Interactive and criticism of complete competitive art process. Shenzhen is striding towards a well -known international sports city to build a city of intellectual movement. Earlier this month, Shenzhen Go ’s four -year implementation plan was officially issued, which aims to build a famous Go city and promote the rapid development of Go in Shenzhen, glowing the freshest vitality. The Shenzhen Go League has become the annual carnival of Shenzhen Go enthusiasts. Behind the growing team and growing up, it is the result of Shenzhen’s dedication to the development of Go. Go, it can be shining in Shenzhen, outlined a scene of the development of career development. In the new journey of the city of building an intellectual movement, all Go enthusiasts need to continue to chase Go’s dreams and lead more people to participate in Go.

The Eighth “Sports Lottery ▪ Jetthay Jewelry Cup” Go League is hosted by the Shenzhen Mass Sports Promotion Center, Shenzhen Chess Academy, Luohu District Culture, Radio, Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, hosted by Shenzhen Kanji Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Jewelry Co., Ltd. is sponsored, co -organized by Shenzhen Go Association and Luohu District Chess and Card Association, and received strong support from major mainstream media.

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