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The editor -in -chief enforcement of the 5 -member World Cup to win the glory of Chinese football referees

Source: Text/Beiqing-Beijing Headline reporter Xiao Yan

Enron, the editor -in -chief of “Football Weekly”, the promoter of the “China Golden Globe Award” selection, and the Best Player of the FI FAF of the Chinese media judges of the Chinese area. Now, this excellent media person is representing China in a “cross -border” way, endorsement Chinese football -in the 5 -person Football World Cup, Enron will appear in the role of law enforcement referee to China for China Football alternative honor. He is also the only Chinese representative in this FIFA’s top competition.

Fate of the World Cup

“I have liked football since I was a child. I dream of becoming a national foot in the future, representing Chinese football to the world.” In an interview with Beiqing-Beijing headline reporters, I remembered it. Although he failed to achieve his childhood wish as a player, he was in the wrong way, but he jumped from another runway to “take off” to his ideals. Through years of study, research, and training, he became a five -person international referee. Prior to this, he has repeatedly enforced many major major competitions in China and the AFC. On June 30 this year, through a series of assessments, FIFA selected 39 referees of the Five -AI World Cup in the 2021 World Cup in 2021, and Enron ranked among them. This result is not only the recognition of his law enforcement performance in the international arena, but also a recognition of the Chinese referee’s law enforcement level and ability.

Enron answered with a smile: “Speaking of which, this should be the second time I participated in the World Cup. In 2010, I became an international referee. In the same year, I and other reporters from Sports Media interviewed 11 people in South Africa. Foot World Cup. This time, the role of my participation in the “World Cup” is not a media person, but a competition official. “It is not difficult to see that with the change of the character, I feel that the 5 -person World Cup journey is. The burden is heavier.


It is undoubtedly lucky to make your hobbies into your own career and even have the opportunity to embrace childhood dreams. In the busy work, we can take into account the referee and news work, and make the two businesses quite high. The efforts behind him can be imagined.

As a referee, Enron needs not only to be familiar with the rules, but also needs good physical fitness, and deepen a deep understanding of football through learning and thinking. As a child, Enron has received professional sports school football training, and has accumulated rich experience in watching and participating in the competition for many years. There are observations and experience, which makes him more advantageous than others when law enforcement. In addition, Enron, who loves learning, also has the hardware conditions of “high -level English listening, speaking, speaking, reading and writing ability”. Its professional English level eight levels have contributed to the international law enforcement stage. International referees, Enron is nothing more than diligent and easy to learn.

After becoming an international referee, Enron did not set up the stage of boarding the World Cup as his “goal”. In his opinion, this is more like a “result”. In love, don’t forget the original intention, with a process of constantly working hard, many things will be achieved, naturally. Enron said, “I have to say that it is indeed a great achievement to become the law enforcement referee of the World Cup. But what I said is amazing, not to me, but to give me unconditional family members. There will be no chance to stand in the World Cup. In addition, the leaders, referees and friends have also given me great help. These are the motivation for me to move forward. “

For dreams, rush forward

In the impression of many people, compared with 11 -person football, the law enforcement of five -person football does not seem to be so high, which is actually not the case. Five -person football is more important to technology, more physical contact, faster rhythm, high requirements for the referees’ transmission ability, response speed and response ability. Before the start of the World Cup, FIFA has just amended the five -person competition rules, coupled with the newly introduced video auxiliary system (similar to video assistant referees), the referees need time to learn and adapt. Therefore The sky arrives at the place of the race to conduct physical fitness testing, theoretical training and practical learning.

The Five -person World Cup will be held in three cities in Lithuania. The competition was originally planned to start in September 2020, but it was eventually unveiled by the epidemic. 5 years. It is regrettable that the Chinese national team missed the game, which made Enron the sole representative of Chinese football in this cup.

In order to be able to participate in this World Cup, Enron has overcome many difficulties. Affected by the epidemic, Enron’s travel flights have been changed three times. In the end, he experienced three transits before he could reach his destination.

As the editor -in -chief of a well -known football magazine, Enron’s job is relatively heavy. For example, after arriving at Lithuania, Enron has to overcome the effects of jet lag. On the one hand, he also needs to use training to communicate with the unit at the same time. Some communication has to be scheduled to be carried out late at night.

As the opening date approaches, Enron is also trying to adjust the state to prepare for the appearance. After the announcement of the World Cup Law Enforcement List, the results of the Top 12 of the National Football Qatar World Cup qualifiers were announced. On that day, a circle of friends was safely sent with a photo of his referee when he first debuted and the National Football Team’s 2001 Wuli River’s night. He wrote: “A 20 -year finger. It represents China, facing the world, rushing together!” At present, the front road where the National Football team entered the World Cup is unclear, but Enron has taken the lead in standing on the “world ”” stage. There are many characters on the football field that can represent not only national teams, but also “cross -border migrant soldiers” like Enron. In 2017, Enron led the team to launch the “China Golden Globe Award” selection. In a few years, the China Golden Globe Award Organizing Committee awarded the award to Wu Lei, Wang Shuang and Li Tie. Today, we may give Enron a “best” reward to wish him all the best of the World Cup law enforcement work and encourage him to show the best side of Chinese football people to the world.

Text/Beiqing-Beijing Headline reporter Xiao Yan

Edit/Zhang Yingchuan

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