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The desire to realize his father’s unrealities, the first show of the World Cup, scored a goal

In the first round of the World Cup group stage B, the United States was 1-1 Pingwell, and Xiaowi helped the United States score.

As the son of Liberia President Via, the little Via who played in the United States is noticeable.Xiao Weiza was born in New York, USA. He realized his father’s dream that he had not realized, that was to participate in the World Cup, and he scored goals in his first game.

In the 36th minute, Xiaowi helped the United States team lead. At that time, Plissic passed through, and Via was shot into the net at 12 yards.After becoming Belli, Xiao Weizo was the first player to break the Wales door in the World Cup.Bailey broke the Wales door at the World Cup in 1958.

Xiaowea has played 26 games on behalf of the US national team, contributed 4 goals and 2 assists. This game is his first show of the World Cup, and his first show scored.

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  1. Does the United States fight with Liberia?Why do you call a traitor?[Cute]

  2. Traitor [Er Ha]

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