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The defending champion of the Korean League and “Er Pu” led the team 3-1 China Taipei

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Special reporter Gu Ke reported that on the evening of January 8th, 2022-23 South Korea ’s KB National Bank Go League 10th game, in the Chinese Taipei team and the defending champion, the Shaanxi and Sichuan team. As a result, the beautiful Shaanxi Sichuan team 3-1Winning, finally getting in peace.The “two Park” Park Tingyu nine sections and Park Yongxun nine sections showed the main strength of the defending champion.


Korean stadium

A total of 12 teams in the Korean Go League this season have participated in a record high. Among them, two overseas teams -the Japanese team and the Chinese Taipei team participated for the first time.In the first game of the season, the Chinese Taipei team took the lead and achieved the start of the door. The Celltrion team led by the nine paragraphs of the Jinming training 3-1, Wang Yuanjun in the team won nine sections, Xu Haozhang, and Lin Junyan.Supplement of the eight paragraphs.

The Xiuli Shaanchuan team played in the seventh game. The Yuanyi team led by Li Zhixian’s nine -stage section, the “Er Pu” of the long -term battle array was not very suitable for the new overtime system.Coupled with the team’s five sections of Jin Zhenhui and Park Zhongxun’s five -stage defeat, the defending champion accidentally defeated by 0-4. This is also the only 4-0 game in the top ten games of the Korean Go League this season.

Tonight the beautiful Shaanxi team played twice, the main force of the two teams met just, and the five -crowned king Park Tingzhang, who ushered in the 30th birthday of the 30th birthday of the two teams.Qiangwei looks like the left side, Black enters the game from the upper plate. After pulling into white belly in White, Xu Haojiu makes a dangerous choice and puts black chess into White.Teng Nuo is not difficult for Park Tingyu. He was originally a good hand to be alone, not to mention the space that can be transferred so much.


Park Tingzheng

During the fight, in order to win the upper right robbery, Xu Haolan had to let Black play two hands in the middle abdomen. As a result, Park Tingzheng was surrounded by large white blocks in the middle belly.The fifth set is timeout.


Final map

Park Yongxun’s nine sections of Bai against Wang Yuanjun’s nine -stage battle then ended. Park Yongxun in this bureau played very well. When he went to the middle, Bai Fangqi had a lot of chess, which was good at the situation.Wang Yuanju under the disadvantage knew that the black corner was not right at the bottom of the right, but in order to win, he simply ignored it and seized the big field in the middle.Park Yongxun, who ranked 25th in South Korea, but did not decrease, immediately moved out in the lower right corner. After a simple operation, the field balance between the two sides completely broke.


Park Yongxun

Wang Yuan was fighting hard, but the black and white were light and light. Once the defeat was defeated, Blacks had to be slaughtered. However, even if Black was sent to the upper left corner, it still couldn’t dispel the robbery.Wang Yuanjun desperately admitted defeat.

“Two Pu” was synchronized again, which opened a good lead.The other two chess chesss of the beautiful Shaanxi and Sichuan teams are also dominant. Seeing the second game of 4-0 this season, 4-0 is about to be born, but the dramatic reversal of Park Zhongxun’s five -stage VS Chen Qirui seventh stage.Park Zhongxun’s winning percentage in the middle of the market was as high as 90%. However, when he ended his foundation, he turned inadvertently in the upper right corner, and it was a big disaster.At this time, he was the first to return to the white chess number of the white chess courses on the left. In the actual combat, he missed the first machine, allowing Black to swallow a few chess men on the left whale whale in the left, and the winning rate reversed.Since then, the process of the official son is not too complicated. Chen Qirui operates safely and maintains his advantages to the end, winning with two and a half heads.

In the final game, Jin Zhenhui fifth in the five sections of the blacks against Lin Junyan, and more than a hundred hands. The two sides still had five or five.When White forced the black dragon to work on the top left, the fall was wrong, causing the periphery to show the outwardness, and the winning rate plummeted.Later, under the time, Lin Junyan even played the “turtle” that was sent to death at the bottom of the right, which was amazing.

Under the advantage, Black played a robbery in the upper left corner, giving White the last blow.White was suffering from the lack of robbery and replaced with robbery, but still trapped the desperate state without robbery. After supporting the number of hands, Lin Junyan voted for defeat.

The Xiuli Shaanchuan team and China Taipei are currently defeated. The Korean media predict that the Chinese Taipei team’s final results are located in the middle and lower reaches. Judging from the performance of today’s game, the Chinese Taipei team has subsequently achieved results.

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