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The courage to break through the glory of the country Liu Shilan’s dream stage is broad

Article from: China Sports News

This year is the year of chess for the International Chess Federation. As the first master of chess women in Asia, Liu Shilan, vice chairman of the China Chess Association, made a breakthrough contribution to the development of Chinese and even Asian women’s chess. Regardless of the beginning of the reform and opening up, going abroad to fight for the country, or the forefront of the reform and opening up, Shenzhen brought international chess to millions of households, but Liu Shilan, who thought he was more introverted, showed the pioneer image of pioneering pioneers who worked hard and made a breakthrough inside and outside the chessboard. , Break through the original border again and again on the road of chasing dreams.

As early as 1980, Liu Shilan first appeared on the stage of the Chinese women’s team on behalf of the Chinese women’s team. She went out of the Olympics 5 times, and she was the first one at each time. “It is particularly proud to represent China to participate in the competition, and I am very honored to cherish it.” Liu Shilan said that the sense of responsibility and mission came into being. Determination and motivation.

Speaking of competing for glory and patriotism for the country, Liu Shilan said that it was really not hanging in verbal. Although the conditions in all aspects are relatively limited, we have no reason not to work hard. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, exchanges were not as frequent as they are now. China’s economic strength is not very strong, especially foreigners do not know much about China, so it is common for people to be despised or looking down. “For example, they will be mistaken for Japanese and Koreans abroad. At that time, patriotism’s emotions will involuntarily rise. If you work hard to achieve good results in the game, others will sincerely respect you and be friendly to you. Not good, naturally you will underestimate you. Our words and deeds on the field not only represent the self -esteem of players, but also represent the motherland behind us. Empress glory for the country. “

Left to right: In 2002, Liang Zhihua, Guo Yan, and Liu Shilan participated in the National Group Championship on behalf of the Shenzhen team

In 1982, Liu Shilan participated in the Bilis women’s chess area on behalf of the Asia -Pacific region. At that time, only one team leader and translation were not accompanied by coaches, no computers, and it was very difficult to prepare. “I told myself to learn every day, abandon all thoughts, and start every game of chess. After each round, it starts from scratch.” Liu Shilan said that with the Hungarian women’s special master Susa Vorcei-Peter Ronilic’s A game of the game ordered her to remember so far. When the two sides sat in the chessboard, they felt that the opponent didn’t seem to take her too much. “But that game of chess was very exciting. I was in Sicily. The walking children were relatively sharp. After more than 20 steps, I completed the lore, and I was very impressed.” After all the game, Liu Shilan won the third place and achieved the world. Women’s International Chess Eighth Starteable Eligibility. As a result, she also became the first master of chess women in Asia. At that time, there were only more than 20 women’s special masters, and they were mainly concentrated in Europe, especially the Soviet Union. This major historic breakthrough in Liu Shilan caused a lot of sensation in China, and many people began to understand and learn chess.

“Being able to achieve good results, thank you very much for the training of the party and the country. Chess is a very popular intellectual movement worldwide. It is loved by people in various fields and has played a very good educational function. I have a player as a chess player. Responsibility and obligation to introduce international chess to everyone. “In 1992, Liu Shilan came to Shenzhen. At that time, the international chess population in Shenzhen basically belonged to a few state. From the beginning, Liu Shilan keenly captured the pain points that the young people and their parents were concerned and their parents, and selected a breakthrough of physical education integration, realizing the organic integration of chess and education, and introducing international chess to the general recognition of students’ parents. In the well -known school, then with a point, Shenzhen quickly became one of the most developed cities in the international chess market in my country. Through many years of practice in the field of chess, Liu Shilan deeply realized that chess not only belongs to sports, but also has cultural and artistic functions, which helps to cultivate logical thinking ability, refine the quality of will and anti -setbacks. “The first batch of students I brought in the early days was the best proof. After they grew up, they had grown into very good elite talents in different fields.” For the educational function of chess, Liu Shilan’s sister Zeng Bei is also a often time. The example of being mentioned by people has achieved excellent results as a professional chess professional athlete, and Zeng Bei, who is also excellent academic performance, has successively studied at Tsinghua University and Massachusetts University of Science and Technology. He is a physicist in the field of internationally renowned quantum information, quantum computing and quantum error correction.

Liu Shilan said: “With the strong support of the government, schools, enterprises, media, and all sectors of society, and the joint efforts of the coaches and clubs, nearly 600 schools and kindergartens in Shenzhen have carried out chess campaigns, with a population of no less than 400,000. Chess is very suitable for the urban temperament of Shenzhen’s international metropolis. It is a very good window and way to understand Shenzhen and carry out international exchanges. The achievements of these achievements are still inseparable from the State General Administration of Sports and the China International Chess Association Over the years, the care and support of Shenzhen’s chess career. “

However, the dream of Liu Shilan and the city of Shenzhen is more than that. According to the implementation plan of Shenzhen Chess Development, Shenzhen will further promote more high -level chess talents, high -end international events, and the introduction and implementation of international organizations. Resources have driven the city’s chess population to a million levels, and promote the continuous improvement of the total industrial services. “As a chess player, because of the instinct for chess, I hope from the heart to hope that our international chess career will continue to flourish, and I am also very concerned about the performance of our athletes in the competition.” Talking about the just opened in the world of 2022, the world that just opened In the International Chess Men’s Group Championship, Liu Shilan hopes that everyone will unite and cooperate, stubbornly fight, and level out. She also hopes that the Chinese chess player will continue to perform well in the next women’s World Champion Candidate Candidate. In the end, she will be able to achieve a teacher in the women’s World Championship with the current world chess.

Liu Shilan gave good expectations for Ding Liren who will participate in the World Championship next year. “Ding Liren graduated from Peking University, and the realm and vision have widened a lot. Playing chess is more handy. It feels that Ding Liren’s chess and mentality in the game can be adjusted in time. Of course It is not possible. “Liu Shilan said, I believe that Ding Liren can succeed, and we also look forward to our rising star.

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