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The company’s employee’s number of 5 years in 5 years is 5.61 million: all of them are the contributions of persistence


Winning lottery

At 3 pm on December 27, the Yichang Lottery (Hua Name), who was the first prize of the first prize of the first prize of 5.61 million yuan in the 202147th issue of the two -color ball, appeared alone in the provincial Fucai Center to redeem the prize.

Xiao Wu was an employee in a company in Yichang.He has been buying lottery for more than ten years, and he has tried the selection and himself.Five years ago, he combined 5 sets of single -format numbers and started to buy.

He believes that the benefits of the number “to work with you” do not need to worry about the number of numbers.

On the evening of December 22, Xiao Wu Zhao went to the nearby Fucai Station and bet on the number.

At 11 o’clock that night, he found the lottery number through his mobile phone and found that he had purchased the third group number for many years, and accurately hit all the awards numbers.

Xiao Wu was a little overwhelmed at a time when he was at a loss.After awake, he checked many times and finally confirmed that he won the award.

On December 27, Xiao Wu took a train to Wuhan to redeem the prize.

Xiao Wu said: “I am attributed to my own persistence to this award. I keep my number for 5 years. If I don’t persist, persist, and persist again, I may miss the award.”

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