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The commander is inside!Dowager!Manchester United repeat Mu Shuai’s tragedy again


What’s wrong with Manchester United?

After a disappointing 2-2, Manchester United became the center of the storm.

Before the start of the game, many people found that the 9 -person bench of Manchester United was not full, and two goalkeepers appeared, which is considered to be Manchester United with three goalkeepers to the Villa Park Stadium. When the reporter asked why there were only 8 beans and Marshall was still unable to be selected, Langnick replied:

“He doesn’t want to enter the list, he should have entered the list, but he doesn’t want to, this is why he didn’t go with the team.”

After seeing the report, Marxer immediately responded on his social media: “I will never refuse to play for Manchester United. I have been in Manchester United for 7 years. fan.”

Obviously, a big show opened again.

The problem of Marshall actually emerged as early as December last year.

After half a month in Ronnick, Marshall’s agent Philip Lamborghi confirmed to Sky Sports that his customers no longer wanted to stay in Manchester United, and he hoped to get more opportunities to play.

However, at that time, Langnick did not give him a chance, but because Marshall was still in his knee injury.

In fact, at that time, Manchester United’s locker rooms were more than one of Marshall, Dien Henderson, Bay, Van Delbeck, Linko, Mata and others all left the team. The performance of Sang Qiao and others cannot satisfy Manchester United fans.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has always tried to solidify the team, his performance is yet to be questioned.

In fact, these locker room problems have already existed. Except that Marshall does not want to be selected, Langnick does not need to take any responsibility for the locker room.

Since Ronaldo came to Manchester United, Marshall has lost the game time; the thoughts of Dean Henderson, Bay, Van Delbeck, Linko, and others have begun to have started. It’s right.

As for the performance of Rashford, Sang Qiao, and Ronaldo, it was not struggling since the arrival of Langnick.

Therefore, from a certain perspective, the outbreak of these locker room problems has nothing to do with the arrival of Langnick. No matter who takes the position of Sob, he will become someone who needs to bear all this accusation.

It’s just that it is just Ronnick.

However, it is always difficult to clarify the complex problems. It is the simplest to throw the black pot to the head coach.

The reason is simple because his record is not good.

In the past 5 games, Manchester United only got 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, not only ushered in his first defeat after taking office, especially in the recent game, two goals led Villa, but were tied by opponents. It even regrets all Manchester United fans.

As a result, Langnick became the target of the criticism, whether all bad things related to him.

It is true that Langnick has not taught in the giants and has not won any heavy championships. Tactic thoughts may be difficult to understand, but this is still not the reason for him to carry a black pot.

And this is why Manchester United has not been able to revive the past nine years.

After Ferguson’s retirement, Langnick was already the seventh head coach.

Except for the two temporary coaches of Giggs and Callic, there are almost no coaches that can be satisfied with Manchester United. Moyas only got 8 months. After receiving the Football Cup after getting the Football Cup, Van Gali received a firing notice. Ya was crowned with insulting nicknames.

Langnick, who led 6 Premier League, was not destined to escape accusations.

Before taking office, major media flipped through his resumes and stories, and put on the high hat of the “Bundesliga Godfather” and “Klopp instructor” for him. Such words raised the appetite of many Manchester United fans.

However, after the team’s record, Langnick was quickly rejected. In addition to the tactical level, the problem of the locker room became the responsibility he needed.

However, the head coach has never been a pitch to the elimination of the disease, and the world does not exist at all after the team can make the team renewed. Whether it is on the court or under the court, it takes time to solve the problem.

Many people only remember that Cloop won the Champions League and won the Premier League. 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, exactly the same as Ronnick.

In the past few years, Manchester City and Liverpool are the biggest winners in the Premier League and the height of countless Manchester United fans hope that the club can reach.

However, not many people remember how long Klop took Liverpool to this height, and not many people remembered the fact that Guardiola led Manchester City in the first season that only won the fourth Premier League.

Both coaches have received firm and long -term support of the club to help the club go to today’s height. The first thing Guardiola, who had not had half-inch, came to Manchester City to drive away the merit goalkeeper Joe Hart, and the club still chose to support him.

Sending Marshall’s Manchester United, who has to rent a borrowing fee, have such patience and beliefs?

There are so many contradictions in the locker room, and Manchester United this summer is destined to rebuild the team.

However, it is not necessarily Langnick.

According to Manchester United’s existing plans, Langnick still led the team to the temporary coach of this summer.How do you develop?No one can answer this question.In the past nine years, Manchester United has not spent less money or created hope, but they have long forgotten their special features as Manchester United:

Respect and support the head coach.

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  1. [Although Cristiano Ronaldo has always tried to unite the team], which news Xiaobian came from this conclusion? In order to write some manuscripts, do you not have the face?

  2. Paris has always been the French Cup winner, because it is a pity because of a person who lost the French Cup!

  3. What shamelessness is there? Make a decision based on your physical condition. You said that the goal after playing 90 free kicks, thinking that it was shameful who could have a miracle? When he was injured and did not play, Dibara scored two free kicks. Think about the 90 free kicks of Debara kick. What would it be? Think about him, what about Benzema now? In fact, the cake king is really a wave king.

  4. In fact, the only way out in Manchester United is to correct Ronaldo and coach.

  5. Manchester United senior level only looks at the stock trend and does not look at football rankings.

  6. Liverpool has Henderson. Manchester United Nothing. The difference is here.

  7. Manchester United is high. Give players very high salary, not showing no fry players, only fry the coach!

  8. Forget it, if Mu Bird is enabled, who is the fault of the fried bird? If it is a management fault, who is the fault of Mu Bird? Almost all the management questions of life and death will not touch almost all management. Win, it proves that you were wrong at first; losing, proved that you are wrong now.

  9. Shooting 60 feet score a ball, it is really not a thing! Intersection

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