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The coach of the three towns: timely summarize the problem in time, adjust the status second round to go all out

On the afternoon of January 4th, the first round of the 2022 China Football Association Cup final was played in the first round, and the Wuhan Three Town team lost to the Taishan Team of Shandong 1 to 3.After the game, Long Jing, the head coach of the Wuhan Three Town Team, attended the press conference.

During the review of this game, the agent of the Wuhan Three Town Team Long Jing said: “Everyone showed a positive face on the court, and the players in the first half were very good. Although they finally lost to their opponents, looking at the audience, the audience was lost.In the competition, the coaching team is relatively satisfied with everyone’s performance. After the game, we will also summarize and adjust in time to strive for a wonderful game for fans later. “

Wu Fei, the goalkeeper of the Wuhan Three Town Team, was interviewed by a reporter after the game. He said: “The first game of the new year was as well as systematic preparations and training. Although the results were not satisfactory, everyone still tried to do it.I am fulfilled. Although there are not many opportunities for playing in the past season, I have been preparing to contribute my strength to the team at any time. The contest of two rounds has just ended half of the game, and we will still go all out in the next game. “

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  1. Do you go all out for the coaching team and foreign aid?

  2. Three Town is not a good thing!

  3. Still Relief

  4. Indeed to the dock face!Get a lot of money

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