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The closing of the Chinese team to the Chinese team to win the runner -up

The article is transferred from the public account: China National Elementary School Association

On November 20th, the Fourth SCO SCO National International Chess Network Group Competition ended all 9 rounds of competition at the Pearl International Expo Center in Jiaozhou, Qingdao. Iran won the championship. The super Chinese team won the runner -up.

Among the 15 participating teams, the average level of the Chinese team ranked first, Iran ranked second, and Armenia ranked third. The entire competition process was fiercely competitive, and they were scrambled together with the Indian team and Azerbaijan.

After the first day of the game, Armenia, Iran, and China ranked among the top three. In today’s game, the Chinese team played well and defeated the Turkish and Chinese Qingdao teams. Unfortunately, they lost in the hedge with Iran and eventually ranked runner -up. The Iranian team showed a strong strength. From the fourth round to the seventh round, he won 4 consecutive victories, and finally won the championship with 6 wins, 1 and 2 losses.

In the second half, Armenia played poorly, and the defeat of the battle continued, and the ranking quickly fell to 8th. The Indian team made its strength and won the four games, climbing from the fifth place in the first half to the third place.

The Chinese Shanghai team consisting of Ju Wenjun and Xu translated won the fifth place, and the Chinese Qingdao team composed of Ma Zhonghan and Tao Tao won 10th place.


Judge Zhu Jiaqi announced the results of the game


Referee Guo Jiazheng and Lin Jingkai’s Supervisory Competition

The CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, Yun, and China Leisure Sports Station live this competition simultaneously. Wang Qingwei, president of the Qingdao International Chess Association, and Sun Fanghui, a women’s international master Sun Fanghui, are the guests.

Wang Qingwei and Sun Fanghui are talking about chess

The current competition is named by Qingdao Holdings Development Group Co., Ltd., the State General Administration of Sports Administration, the China International Chess Association, the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Demonstration Zone Management Committee, Qingdao Sports Bureau, Jiaozhou People’s Government Co -sponsored with Qingdao Sports Federation, co -organized by Jiaozhou Education and Sports Bureau, Qingdao International Chess Association, and Qingdao Qingwei International Chess Club Co., Ltd. This is also the Riaozhou Education and Sports Bureau to host the event for four consecutive years, contributing to the chess movement of Qingdao and even Shandong.

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