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The Chinese Super League ended the direct flight of the Chengdu Football Association Cup with Shandong again

News Morning News reporter Yu Jiong Jiong

The Super League Insurance Group all ended last night, and the final round of the championship team will also be held this afternoon. Shanghai Harbor, which currently ranks third in the standings, competes for the runner -up of the Chinese Super League and the Guangzhou team this season.

In addition to the hopes of the league to get a better ranking, the most important goal of the Harbor team is the 2021 Football Association Cup finals at the Phoenix Mountain Sports Center in Chengdu on January 9th. The opponent is the latest overtime champion Shandong Taishan.

It is reported that after all the events of the Chinese Super League have ended, the Harbor team will go directly to Chengdu from Guangzhou where the championship team is located for the final preparation.

Although the coach of the Harbor Team Raioko said that it will take the final round of the Super League to consider the FA Cup finals, but after the Super League champion is missed, the players are now more desperate for the FA Cup championship trophy.

The striker Li Shenglong had a wonderful assist when facing the Taishan Taishan in Shandong last Saturday. He said that although this season has not defeated Shandong Taishan, the two confrontation can help the team more targeted to prepare for the final FA Cup finals “Shandong Taishan is indeed very strong this year, and the staff configuration is relatively neat. These two games have a four -back and a five -back, showing completely different tactical players and staff configuration. After understanding, we can also prepare more enough to consider all possible situations. “

For the comparison of the strength of the two teams, Li Shenglong said: “The two leagues with Taishan, Shandong, our performance is still very good, and the second round is almost won. So I think we and our opponents are still between Bo Zhong.”

In a decisive battle, Li Shenglong believed that even if he was plagued by injuries, the Harbor team could still have a strong and powerful Shandong Taishan. “We strive to play in the finals and must go to the champion. Show yourself, everyone will play the ability in a game. Although the opponents are very neat, there are still one kick, there is still a possibility of winning. “

The most important thing about the veteran on the defense line on the back line of the Harbor Team is the mentality issue. “The Football Association Cup final, we should consider ourselves more. After the league, we must be very familiar with each other. The characteristics and abilities. As long as you play your own things, the result is formed naturally. The Football Association Cup is the most important game now. Everyone understands it. You can get a good result. “

This season, Li Shenyuan, the right side of the Harbor Team, who played the main force through his outstanding performance this season, did “homework” in advance in advance. . I searched the picture on the Internet and felt particularly handsome. I was particularly eager to step on the court to experience it. “

In fact, Li Shenyuan, who has experienced the finals of the three cups, is also experienced. The 24 -year -old Li Shenyuan participated in the 2015 Youth Games U18 Men’s Finals, the 2017 U20 Men’s Football Finals, and the 2018 Super League U23 League finals, and all won the final championship.

“Of course, I am not sure if I can appear, but as long as I have the opportunity, I will definitely go all out.” Although Li Shenyuan said humility, he must be looking forward to the first championship final of his first team in Harbor.

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