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The Chinese Super League did not want to play the AFC Champions League. Chen Yiyuan said that the consequences would not be serious

Reporter Cui Yu reported that on June 4, the AFC officially announced that three participating teams from the Australian Super League, Sydney’s FC, Melbourne City and Brisbane Lion Roar, will withdraw from the upcoming East Asian Champions League group stage. This The news has been confirmed by the Australian Football Association. This season, the AFC Champions League, especially East Asia, has withdrawn from many teams for various reasons.

The AFC did not give the specific reasons for the Australian Super League team. Australian media speculated that in addition to crashing in the playoffs of the upcoming Australian Super League, there was another reason for the new crown pneumonia epidemic and affecting travel.

According to the original packet arrangement, Sydney FC with a place in the place is divided into group H with the northern Hyundai, Osaka Steel and Tanbinni. It is Osaka cherry blossoms; the Bridbane Lion Roar, who wants to qualify, is the Philippines in the Philippines.

However, the AFC Champions League collides with the Australian Premier League playoffs. Among them, the Lion Roar and Kaya’s qualifications are on June 20, but they will play the knockout race on June 11 or 13 (the specific opponent is not determined) , Compete for semi -final qualifications; Melbourne and cherry blossoms are on June 21, but they will play in the semi -finals on June 18; and the first AFC Champions League group stage in Sydney FC is against each other on June 26 Jeonbei, and they will play the semi -finals on the 19th; if both teams win, they will still compete for the championship on June 26.

In theory, the Australian Super League has encountered problems with the Super League, such as the Super League. From the current point of view, the solution of the Super League is to play with echelon, but the Australian Super League team does not want to do so.

In addition to the collision of the schedule, the outbreak of the Australian new crown pneumonia is also one of the reasons, especially Victoria, where Melbourne is located, is the fourth time, and Indian mutant strains have also appeared in the place. The epidemic caused the league in Melbourne to postpone it. In the next playoffs, fans will be prohibited from entering even at home.

At present, the AFC has retired from the three teams to the relevant committees to study, and at the same time decide whether to punish the improvisation, the relevant decision will be announced later.

After the Australian Super League’s three teams withdrawing, it has a certain impact on the Super League. Originally, the Harbor will play against the lion roar and Kaya on the 23rd AFC Champions League, and now it has directly become Kaya, and the opponent’s strength is significantly weaker; The cherry blossoms are directly promoted to the j of the Guangzhou team; in addition, there are only three teams left in Group H.

The Australian Super League team retired. In fact, this drama almost staged last year.

At that time, the AFC Champions League was dragged and played for almost a year. When the East Asian competition was placed in Qatar at the end of the year, the three Australian Super League Sydney FC, Perth Glory and Melbourne victory found the Australian Football Association, which listed various difficulties. They retired, but after the Australian Football Association reported to the report, the feedback was that if they were withdrawn, in addition to the suspension of 2 years, they would be fined $ 300,000. In the end, the Australian Super League still went to Duha, but it did not perform well. Only Melbourne won the knockout match, but lost 0-3 to the final champion Ulshan Hyundai at 0-3 in the 1/8 final.

But I did not expect that a year later, the Australian Super League team retired again.

It is unclear whether the AFC acknowledged whether the Australian Super League has retired and is “force majeure”. If it is admitted, then the three teams will not be punished. The reason is the “force majeure” caused by the epidemic. Originally, they had to qualify with Melbourne. Now, Melbourne has also withdrawn and cheap cherry blossoms.

If you do not admit it, then these three teams will be punished with the most severe punishment. In addition to two years, they cannot participate in the AFC Champions League and are fined, and they may also be punished. In addition, the Australian Super League’s qualifications will be affected. It is likely that there is no formal place.

In fact, before the Myanmar team and the Australian Super League, the Chinese Super League also had the two teams of Taishan and Jiangsu.

Among them, Taishan was disqualified by the AFC in February, because the reason for “failing to pay (Magat team assistant Wolfsgang) compensation and interest” was remedied. Harbor has obtained the qualifications of the playoffs; in March, Jiangsu, which was previously announced to stop operation, was also disqualified. However, because other teams of the Super League did not meet the relevant regulations of the AFC, there was no right to make up for the three teams.

Whenever there is a team withdrawing, the AFC will adjust the schedule. After Taishan is eligible, the Guangzhou team enters Group J from Group I. Guoan gets a place in the game, and enters Group I from Group F (theoretically); Later, although there was no impact on the Chinese Super League team, other league teams changed their opponents. Theoretically, this has a certain impact on the preparation of each team.

Many teams retired. Although some positions have been filled, the AFC Champions League expansion operation in the AFC is actually a blow. From the 32 team to 40 teams, in the context of the epidemic, it has become a “joke”.

However, the AFC Champions League’s performance of “one land” is more than that.

The first is the dilemma of the location of the group stage. Compared with West Asia, there are almost no membership associations willing to undertake in East Asia. On March 11 this year, the group stage was determined in the West Asia. When the competition was held, the AFC announced at the same time that the East Asian region group stage was originally scheduled by the original group stage. From April 21st to May 7th, it will be extended to June and July.

At that time, the AFC also announced that the competitions of Group F, G and J were held in Thailand, and the competitions of Group H and group I were not undertaken by Uz.Followed by the participating teams, the team is in full swing.At present, it can be seen that the Chinese Super League BIG3 will not send first -line teams to participate, and the youth army will basically march. Among them, Guoan and Guangzhou will also be divided into domestic U21 league.Although it is a exercise for young people, the results can be imagined. It is likely that, just like Qatar in West Asia, it will encounter a regiment, and there may be many tragedies.

In fact, last year, the Super League BIG4 did not want to play the AFC Champions League. After feedback to the Football Association, Chen Yiyuan, chairman of the Football Association, told them that “if you don’t go, the consequences will be very serious.” In addition to the suspension and economic punishment, it will also damage the national image.Affects the long -term development of Chinese football.

As for other membership associations, the attitude is unknown, but one fact is that Japan and South Korea have always opposed the competition system. Although Last year, Ulshan won the AFC Champions League.

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