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The changes in the leading list continued to rush to the Hainan Open Half -Leading Leading

On December 9th, Beijing time, the 2022 Hainan Golf Open-The second round of the Chinese Men’s Professional Tour ends at the Boao Forum Golf Club.(66-67, -11) Overnighting became the leader of the 36-hole leader in this event.The first round of leader Ma Chengyao handed over -1 today, and Zhang Jia, who caught 8 birds in this round, ranked second in side.


Chen Zihao’s second round score card

Following the 66 birds (-6) of 6 birds and 0 Bai Bali in the first round, Chen Zihao, the captain of the Zhongxie Xieqi Dream Team, caught the 6 birds again today. “The two rounds of play are good.Middle. In the next game, I hope to continue this state and enhance their competitiveness among many powerful players. “Chen Zihao mentioned in today’s game today,” This court has a chance for everyone, because the fairway is width.There are more bird opportunities, depending on who scores more, and the opportunity to seize can be seized as much as possible. “

Zhang Jia is undoubtedly one of the best players today.From 8:40 in the morning, he started from Hole No. 1 and opened the bird -catching mode from Hole 2. He won 4 consecutive holes in a row to make his ranking rising rapidly.After the transfer, the back of the No. 10 and 11 cave helped him to be promoted to the second place alone.When I came to the 3rd hole on the 16th, Zhang Jia took the ball to the entrance of the hole and pushed the birds easily.”Today’s hardcuts and push rods are good. Especially on the 16th cave, just like a shot into the hole! At that time, the ball was only short distance from the entrance of the hole, but I didn’t feel too unfortunate.Jia surrender 8 birds 64 (-8), 134 shots (70-64, -10) in two rounds, and tied the first round of leader Ma Chengyao to the second two rounds of competition.

Entering the second round, Ma Chengyao, who stabilized the Pa Pa on the first nine-day road, and 2 birds and 1 cypress in the latter nine. Although it failed to continue to expand the lead, relying on the first round of the -9 results, it still stabilized the ranking in the top three in the top three.List.

The 24 -year -old Guangdong player Xue Hanyan staged a dramatic scene in the 13th hole.”I was most impressed by the No. 13 hole in the game today. I did not attack when I was attacked, but I was a bit frustrated, but I did not expect to cut it into the hole in the next shot, very happy!” After two rounds, Xue Han handed over 136 shots.(68-68, -8), tied with Ye Jianfeng, Wang Zi, Yao Yu, and Cao Sen fourth.

The schedule is more than half, and the maximum difference between the players within the top ten is only four.Chen Zihao, Ma Chengyao and Zhang Jia will set off at the same group tomorrow at 10:10 am.Can the leaders continue to dominate the list?Can the dark horse players highlight the siege?The platform and other platforms such as the China High-High School video number, iQiyi, and the TV golf video number will be performed on December 10 (third round), December 11 (fourth round) 12: 00-16: 00 4 hours of live video broadcast, Let the golfers who cannot come to Boao directly hit the event scene through the camera.

2022 Hainan Golf Open consists of the “Cloud Challenge”, Amateur Championship, and Professional Tournament. The event is co -sponsored by the China Golf Association and the Hainan Provincial Tourism, Culture Radio, Television and Sports Department.The competition center, Haikou Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau, Qionghai Tourism, Culture Radio, Television and Sports Bureau jointly support, co -organized by the Hainan Golf Ball Association, Hainan Whale Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Excellent Sibo Culture Development Co., Ltd.

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