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The Cavaliers’ intention to be alone, Hardow, thinks he can get what he can get

On January 9, Beijing time, the Cavaliers interested in the Lone Ranger Xiao Hadawei.Cavaliers and Team reporter Chris Fedor revealed in a recent podcast show that the Cavaliers have been paying attention to the Lone Hardow.

Fedor wrote: “The Cavaliers believe that it is feasible to get this player, and my source said that he can get him through the transaction. The price of Xiao Hadawei is suitable, but some tricky is that the Lone Ranger is currently ranked 4th in the Western District.Little Hadawei has always been the attention of the Cavaliers, and they have been paying attention. And I think that if the Cavaliers have a choice, it will be very close to Xiao Hadawei. They will not have a choice, and that way is not feasible. Even if they have choiceIt is also between Boyang (-Pogda Nonovich) and Hardawe. “

So far this season, Little Hadawei has played 38 games on behalf of Lone Ranger, with averaged 13.8 points, 3.1 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game.His contract expired in 2025, and the remaining two -year contract was 17.89 million and 16.19 million.(魑))

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