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The business of the business of buying scraping music is 1 million: because of his girlfriend likes


Winning lottery

Nanjing Lottery is lucky and full of blessings. It won the first prize of more than 5 million yuan in two bets of two bets.The first prize of the first prize of “Lianzhong Sanyuan” has added another celebration to Nanjing Cai City!

Nanjing Caimin scrapes a million prize

Lucky winner Mr. Zhang, post -90s, foreigners, do business in Nanjing, like to buy a few lottery tickets in their spare time. Various gameplay participation. Generally, the amount of betting is around 100 yuan.A few days ago, Mr. Zhang had an appointment with the customer to discuss cooperation in time and place. Due to the delay of traffic jam on the customer, Mr. Zhang bought 100 yuan and “Happy 8” lottery at the nearby 32014164 Fucai Betting Station.

After the payment was completed, when I saw a wide range of scraping lottery tickets in the cabinet, Mr. Zhang had a clever machine. Thinking of his girlfriend likes to scrape the music, he took out 100 yuan, and picked 4 “good luck ten times” and 2 face value of 30 yuan.”Lianzhong Sanyuan”, then put the purchased lottery in the bag.Later, Mr. Zhang talked to the customer about business. If there were many things, he didn’t care about the lottery.After a day, Mr. Zhang had dinner and shopping with his girlfriend. He just talked about the lottery. Immediately, Mr. Zhang opened his mobile phone to check the lottery number. The girlfriend scratched the scraping lottery next to him.When there were three same “Golden ingot” patterns appeared in the ticket surface, the corresponding bonuses were 1 million yuan later. The girlfriend was excited and quickly asked Mr. Zhang to check.The Fucai Center redeemed the prize office, and when the staff was confirmed, Mr. Zhang and his girlfriend were excited.

Waiting for the re -prize procedures, Mr. Zhang said that scraping is a tide of young people, and it is okay to scrape two social entertainment methods that have become the circle of friends.A variety of varieties, youthful vitality ticket design, fun and direct immersive experience, connecting the entertainment needs of young people, scraping not only can help young people reduce pressure, but also provide another way for young people to participate in public welfare.—- “Beauty value, fun, expectation”.

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