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The business chess king chess array explained the Pu’er chess king Chen Yu’s public group to win the championship


Nie Weiping helps to explain the business chess king’s focus chess game

On August 5th, the Fourth Business Chess King Open launched the second duel in Tengchong. Twelve business elites gathered in the fourth round of fierce battle. In the end, Chen Yu, who participated in the business chess king for the first time, won the first victory and won the public championship. The top 6 players in this public group will advance to the finals of the business chess king of the business in Fuzhou at the end of November. Please pay attention.


The fourth round of focus battle

At 10 am on the 5th, the fourth round of war was fired, and the Qi Sheng Nie Weiping appeared and explained the focus of the round of the battle with Xie Shaobo — the battle of Chen Yu VS Li Hua, who ran to the audience in the Three World War. The bureau is wonderful, and the chess saints are also appreciated. In the end, a few children, Chen Yu, who is hacked, will win and lead the audience.


Chess Saint Nie Weiping commented on chess game

At the explanation scene, the chess sage spoken words were born, and Sina Sports performed a synchronous video. After the game, the little chess boy who participated in the Tengchong Cup had to witness the idol Nie Weiping in his heart. He signed a photo of the Holy Holy photo. The atmosphere at the scene was very lively.

At 13:30 in the afternoon, the final game was renewed. Focusing on Chen Yu against Yang Yi, the dean of Chongqing Chess Academy, Chen Yu finally won another victory and won the public championship. In the end five rounds of cycle match, the results of each group are as follows:

Teng Nuo

Champion: Chen Yu runner -up: He Yingping third place: Yang Lotao

Breaking group:

Champion: Li Hua runner -up: Yellow River third place: Wang Ping

Happy group:

Champion: Lin Shengjian runner -up: Ke Guo Fan Junior: Cao Qiang

Happy group:

Champion: Yang Yi runner -up: Du Zhuxin Junior: Zhan Wei


The top three of the Teng Nuo Group


The top three of the breaking group


The top three in the happy group


The top three in the happy group

Qunxian collected, and Sheng Yan restarted. This business chess king competition has come to the fourth session. This season is held for the first time in an open way, bringing higher specifications and interpreting deeper connotations. There were 12 players participated in this competition, of which 8 of the Open and 4 celebrities players. The competition adopted the points system to conduct 5 rounds of cycle. The top 6 of the public group advanced to the business finals of the business chess king in Fuzhou at the end of November.


Participants take photos

The 2019 Business Chess King Open is hosted by Sina Sports, the Tengchong Municipal People’s Government and the Yunnan Go Association are supported, hosted by Sina chess, Leyou Mutual Entertainment, Nie Weiping Go Road and Chess Road Jingwei co-organized. The competition time is August 2-6, 2019 Essence The contestants of the past business chess kings, the invited guests, and the business elites and Jingrui Confucian merchants will soon narrate business opportunities and play chess roads in the new business chess king.

Yunnan Yue’s hometown, the famous city of the pole, the king of business in the business, waiting for you to fight!

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