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The British Crown reminds: 9 players in Watford’s array have more goals to bloom




1. Data: The team’s home data winning ability is okay. In the nearly 10 home games, there are 6 games to win data victory;

2. Attack: There are quite a lot of team offensive points. There are nine players in the Chinese Communist Party this season with a goal record;

3. Power: The team’s recent game has a small game. There are only two games in the last 10 games that are over.


1. Status: The team performed very poorly this season. Only 23.8%won 5 games in 21 games;

2. Firepower: The team’s offensive end firepower dumbfire, only 4 goals in the last 10 games;

3. Defense: The team’s defense ability is not very strong. The 21 rounds of the season lost 27 stadiums and lost 1.3 balls;

4. Injury: At present, the team’s defender Nakayama is injured in early November, so she is absent from this game.



1. Status: The team has maintained a good status this season. In 22 rounds, 9 wins, 7 draws and 6 losses ranked 5th;

2. Attack: The team’s offensive point is okay. This season’s game has 9 players with a goal record;

3. Firepower: The team has a good offensive firepower in the near future. In the past 10 games, they scored 1.2 goals in 12 stadiums;

4. Sub -away: The team has performed well in the near future. After the last away away, Blackpool has obtained 4 consecutive away games;

5. Power: The team’s recent game has a small game. All the last 4 leagues have ended in small scores.


1. Defense: The team’s defensive end performance is relatively mediocre. This season’s 22 rounds of games lost 22 games and lost 1 goal;

2. His injury: At present, the team’s goalkeeper Bachman was injured in mid -November, so he was missing in this game.

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