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The British Crown reminds: 13 players in the Norovic formation have more goals to bloom




1. Fighting: The team’s nearly 10 confrontation between the team and Blackburn obtained 6 wins and 3 draws and only 1 loss, occupying a greater advantage;

2. Attack: There are many offensive points of the team. There are 13 players in the game this season.

3. Firepower: The team has sufficient firepower this season. In 22 rounds, there are 1.3 goals scored in 30 rounds.

4. Defense: The team’s defense end is okay. It is not too much to lose 23 goals in 22 games this season.


1. Status: The team’s recent game status has performed poorly, and only 3 victories won in the last 10 games;

2. Home: The team’s recent home combat capabilities have declined. In the last 6 home combat, only 1 victory was achieved. 3. Data: The team’s recent game data won low, and only 4 games have achieved data victory.



1. Status: The team has maintained a good status in the recent game, and won 6 wins and 1 draw in the last 10 games;

2. Attack: The team’s offensive point is okay. This season’s game has 9 players with a goal record;

3. Firepower: The team’s firepower this season is quite satisfactory. In 22 rounds, 25 scores scored 1.1 goals;

4. Data: The team’s recent game data winning ability is high, and 7 games have achieved 7 data victories.


1. Defense: The team’s defensive end performance is not very good. This season’s 22 rounds lost 1.2 goals in 26 games;

2. Sub -away: The team performed poorly this season. Only 4 victory rates won only 36.4%in 11 away games;

3. Power: The team’s recent game is large. There are 4 games in the last 5 games ending with a large score.

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