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The British Championships Ding Junhui lost the finals of the 7th in the final 4 to break the final and still missed the 4th championship


Ding Junhui 7-10 Mark-Allen

In the early morning of November 21, Beijing time, the 2022 Snooker British Championship finals. The 3rd British Championships and Chinese Du Miao Dinghui, in the case of a large score of 6-1, lost 7 games in a row. Although relying on the fourth shot of the individual to chase the big score to 7-8, since then, he has since, but since then, he has since, but since then, he has since he. Losses 2 games again, the big score 7-10 defeats the No. 9 seed, the northern Ireland “small steel cannon” Mark Allen, missed the fourth championship of the personal English Championship, the winning rate of 100%of the British Championships was broken. The 1077 -day championship continues. Allen won the first British Championships and won the 250,000 pound championship prize.

The 2022 Snooker British Championships was held at the Barbikan Center, Yorkshire, England on November 12-20, local time. In terms of the schedule, the first 7 games are played 4 games a day, divided into 2 periods, 2 games per game period, 2 semi -finals in the 8th, 1 semifinal In terms of the competition system, from the first round to the semi -finals, all adopted the 11th game and 6 wins, and the finals were 10 winning systems, divided into 2 stages.

Including Fu Jiajun, Li Junwei, and Wu Anyi, three Chinese Hong Kong players should have 25 Chinese players in the qualification competition. However, Liang Wenbo missed the game because of the suspension, so only 24 people appeared. After experiencing 4 rounds of qualifications, only Ding Junhui, Xiao Guodong, Zhou Yuelong, Lu Haotian and Xu Si were leaving five people to advance to the main competition. In addition, it is counted as the two seeds of Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, and 7 Chinese players in the top 32 of the Sai Sai.

However, in the first round of the race, only Ding Junhui and Zhou Yuelong won. In the second round of Zhou Yuelong, he was swept by the No. 2 seed and the world’s first Ronnie O’Sullivan in the world. In this way, only Ding Junhui was left.

Ding Junhui, who is fighting alone, has a strong attack power, defeating No. 10 Seed Barry Hawkins and Wales Qualified Contests Jemi Clark The No. 2 seed Ronnie Oshalvin and the England Qualified Contest Tom Fade, all the way to the finals from the third round of the qualifying competition.

In the finals, Ding Junhui Welcome No. 9 seeds and Northern Ireland “small steel cannon” Mark Allen. Previously, the two sides played 18 times, and Ding Junhui had 12 wins, 5 losses, 1 draw. The two played a play in the British Championships-the top 16 in the 2010 British Championships, and Allen won 9-8.


Ding Junhui 7-10 Mark-Allen

In the first stage of this game, Ding Junhui opened 2 shots and 50+, with 67 (52) -44 and 80 (70) -14-14 consecutive games, a big score of 2-0. In the third game, Mark Allen pulled back a game with 68-36.

In the following 4 games, Ding Junhui broke a hundred with 3 shots, with 126 (126) -0, 135 (135) -0, 67-53 and 126 (102) -6 winning 4 games in a row, with a large score of 6-1. In the eighth inning, Mark Allen led a single shot with a single shot of 79 points, and pulled another game with 86 (79) -0, and the score was 2-6 behind, ending the first stage.

However, after the start of the second stage, the “small steel cannon” suddenly broke out. In 4 consecutive games, 1 shot broke a hundred and 3 shots and 50+. Win 4 innings with 76 (56) -48, chase the score to 6-6 to enter the midfield rest.

Come back, the “small steel cannon” continued to play bravely, and one after another in a row, 50+ and 1 shot, with 73 (59) -30 and 110 (109) -0 victory 2 games, a large score 8-6 Excellence. Starting from the first stage of the first stage, Allen has won 7 innings. In the 15th inning, Ding Junhui blasted the fourth shot of this field, and he pulled back a game with 126 (105) -0. In the 16th inning, Allen won a game with 74-1, a big score of 9-7, and entered the last midfielder.

Returning to the rest again, the two sides tangled a little bit in the 17th inning. In the end, Allen won 60-43, winning a large score of 10-7, and won the British Championship for the first time.

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  1. Lost! 612 Losen in the second stage after led, lost the championship in the second stage, lost the championship.

  2. Strengthen physical exercise and increase the degree of pressure. I believe Xiaoding took this opportunity to get out of the trough.

  3. Ding Junhui is going to qualify now. Still ridiculous?

  4. There are breakthroughs, but also regrets

  5. This means that you are getting older and older, and there will be more and more things that you quit. One day you have quit women and men, indicating that he is about to enter the ground.

  6. The original ranking 38

  7. The first half of the sentence was right, the second half of the sentence was blind

  8. 24 participating in the competition, Ding Junhui won the runner -up and was sprayed. What about the other 23 people? Is there a problem with the psychology of spray?

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    阡MoYishouldbereliable 11月 21, 2022 at 2:11 上午

    It may still be too tired

  10. Although it is a pity, it is already good to achieve such results. After all, the state is not good, and it takes time to recover.

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    ZhengYuOh||..|GuangwenandWu 11月 21, 2022 at 2:11 上午

    It turns out that the runner -up is this treatment.

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