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The British Championships Binham 3-6 Perry out of the top 8 Chinese Chinese only 4 TOP16 seeds


Joe Perry 6-3 Stuart-Binham

In the early morning of November 18, Beijing time, the 6th game of the 2022 Snooker British Championships. In the second period, the No. 12 Seed and England player Jack Lisovsky won the Iranian player Hussein-Wafi with a large score of 6-2 with a large score of 6-2. Seed 13 of Battle and England, Sean Murphy; and in another England, at the same time, No. 14 Seeds Stuart Binham, although 2 shots and 70+, and saved 1 The game point, but in the end, the veteran Joe Perry, who was lost to the qualifying race with a large score of 3-6, missed the top 8 and became the 12th TOP16 seeds to be eliminated. Joe Perry will play Tom Ford in the 1/4 final. At this point, among the top 8, except Ding Junhui, all 7 were England players, and only 4 of TOP16 seeds were left.


2022 Snooker British Championships 8th against the situation

The 2022 Snooker British Championships was held at the Barbikan Center, Yorkshire, England on November 12-20, local time. In terms of the schedule, the first 7 games are played 4 games a day, divided into 2 periods, 2 games per game period, 2 semi -finals in the 8th, 1 semifinal In terms of the competition system, from the first round to the semi -finals, all adopted the 11th game and 6 wins, and the finals were 10 winning systems, divided into 2 stages.


Jack Lisovsky 6-2 Hussein-Vaife

In the second stage of the 5th match day, the No. 12 seed, the English player Jack Lisovsky and the Iranian player Hussein-Vafifer met in the second round.

During the competition, “Little Driver” with 1 shot through a hundred and 2 shots 50+, 73-0, 95 (95) -5, 67-9, 9-111 (111), 71 (56) -2, 0- 77, 101 (101) -0 and 64-40, a large score of 6-2 wins, and successfully advanced to the top 8. In the 1/4 final, he will face the No. 4 seed Jad Trump’s No. 13 seed and England player Sean Murphy.


Joe Perry 6-3 Stuart-Binham

In another England in England at the same time, the No. 14 seed Stewart Binham faced the veteran Joe Perry, who was killed by the qualifying match.

During the competition, the two sides of the first 4th inning bite the scores, and Joe Perry scored 93 points in the first game. Binham scored 78 points and 103 points in the second and fourth innings. Great score 2-2 into the midfield rest.

However, when the break was returned, Joe Perry suddenly broke out, and 3 shots were 70+ in 3 innings. 3 Get the game point. In the eighth game, Binham bombed the second shot of the individual and saved 1 match point with 102 (102) -0. In the ninth game, Joe Perry scored 64 points for a single shot, winning a game with 79 (64) -0, a large score of 6-3, and advanced to the top 8. In the 1/4 final, he will play against Tom Fude, who is also killed from the qualifying competition. Binham became the 12th TOP16 seeds that were eliminated.

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  1. I think you only predict one correct one and wait for the results.

  2. Xiaoding opened the fire last night, but made a low -level error of Snooker.In general, he felt that he was very good. In the 11th game, he was very good. The teacher over the fire was completely a chance.

  3. Ford is not good, or Perry

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