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The British Championship Qualification Saisi Peng Yi, Hong Kong 2 will be promoted to Chen Zifan to negotiate


Sijiahui 6-0 Alan Taylor

In the early morning of November 6, Beijing time, the 2022 Snooker British Championships ended the first day of competition. In the 3 periods of competitions, a total of 5 Chinese players played, and 4 of them were promoted to one. 4 victory over Indian player Himanshu-Jain; Hong Kong female general Wu Anyi defeated England players Janeson KFC 6-4; Hong Kong player Li Junwei won 5 games with 2 shots and 5-0. At the competition point, the English female general Libeica Kenna subsequently rescued 3 match points, but Li Junwei still won with a large score of 6-3; although Chen Zifan scored 1 shot to break a hundred and 1 shot 60+, he scored 2- After 2, lost 4 games in a row and lost a large score of 2-6 to Pakistan player Ajab Farah.


2022 Snooker British Championship Qualification Complete Fruit on the first day

The 2022 Snooker British Championships was held on November 5-10, local time, Ponds Forge International Sports Center in Shefeld, Britain. A total of 128 people played in the 4 rounds of qualifications, and the final 16 players will be directly confronted with 16 seed players during the competition. The main race will be held from November 12-20 at the Barbikan Center in Yorkshire, England.

Including Fu Jiajun, Li Junwei and Wu Anyi, including three Chinese Hong Kong players, a total of 25 Chinese players played for qualified competitions. In addition, two seed players Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao will appear in the competition.

4 days before the Qualification Tournament, 24 games per day, divided into 3 periods, 8 games per time, and 8 games per day in the next 2nd, divided into 2 periods, 4 games each time; In the first round of the qualifying match, the semi -finals were in the first round of the game. All of them adopted the 11th innings and 6 wins, and the finals were 10 wins in the finals, which were divided into two stages.

On the first day of the qualifications, there were 5 Chinese players, including Chinese Hong Kong players Li Junwei and Wu Anyi.


Peng Yizhan 6-4 Himanshu-Jiain

In the first period, Peng Yizhan played against Indian player Himanshu-Jin. In the first 6 innings, the scores of the two sides bite tightly and rose alternately. Chinese players were equalized three times and three degrees with 70-51, 0-80, 71-42, 14-77 (56), 62-39 and 51-55. Subsequently, Peng Yizhan won 2 games with 67-23 and 59-51, and scored 5-3 to get the match point. In the ninth inning, Himanshu-Jiain saved 1 match point with 54-25. At the critical moment, the Chinese teenager won a game of 71-0. After missing one game, he scored 6-4 and advanced to the second round of the qualification competition.


Li Junwei 6-3 Rebecca-Kenna

Hong Kong player Li Junwei did not complete the game against England’s female general Rebecca Kenna. With 2 shots 50+, Li Junwei won 5 games with 112 (51) -11, 75 (61) -55, 78-9, 71-7, and 65-29. After Lobica Kenna rescued 2 match points with 59-42 and 84-1, Li Junwei led a 5-2 lead with a large score of 5-2. The subsequent game was postponed to the end of 3 times. After Roberka Kenna rescued 1 game point with 75-61, Li Junwei won another game with 68-13, and scored 6-3 to win and advance.


Wu Anyi 6-4 Janessen-KFC

In the second period, Hong Kong female general Wu Anyi failed to complete the game against England Janessen KFC. Each of the games on both sides wins two games and rises alternately.吴安仪以91(91)-0、63-46、53-68、26-77(52)、69-38、66-54、17-65、16-69(55)和62-60,大比分5 -4 After getting the game point, the game was suspended. After other competitions, the game was restarted. Wu Anyi won a game with 77-41, a large score of 6-4, and advanced to the second round of the qualification competition.


Chen Zifan 2-6 Ajab Farah

Although Chen Zifan scored 1 pole and 60+, after a large score of 2-2, he lost 4 innings in a row and 54-65, 135 (135) -0, 58-79, 90 (64) -15, and,,,,,,,,,, 9-64, 0-78, 0-79 (79) and 47-54, the large score is 2-6 to the Pakistanian player Ajab Farah, and missed the next round.


Sijiahui 6-0 Alan Taylor

In the third period, Sijiahui relied on a 1 shot and 50+, with 81-27, 63-56, 69-49, 58-15, 82 (56) -32 and 71-42, and scored 6-0 to sweep the English player Alan Taylor, advanced to the second round of the qualification competition.

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