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The British Championship Lu Haotian 4-6 last runner-up Robertson 2-6 Perry burst out of the situation


Lu Haotian 4-6 Luca-Brechel

On the evening of November 13th, Beijing time, the 2022 Snooker British Championships started the 2nd game day. In the first stage of the day of the day, although the Chinese player Lu Haotian played 4 and 50+ and saved 1 match point, he still lost to the last runner-up, the No. 11 seed, the Belgian player Luca Bree-Bray with a large score of 4-6. Chel, unfortunately missed the top 16; and the No. 3 seed, the “Australian artillery” Neil Robertson was suppressed by the strong firepower of the opponent. Although it saved 1 match point, it still lost 2-6 to 1 The Boopae Baihe 40+ Evil of England veteran Joe Perry has become the second TOP16 seed to be eliminated in the British Championships.


2022 Snooker British Championships, the first stage of the first stage of the game against the situation

The 2022 Snooker British Championships was held at the Barbikan Center, Yorkshire, England on November 12-20, local time. In terms of the schedule, the first 7 games are played 4 games a day, divided into 2 periods, 2 games per game period, 2 semi -finals in the 8th, 1 semifinal In terms of the competition system, from the first round to the semi -finals, all adopted the 11th game and 6 wins, and the finals were 10 winning systems, divided into 2 stages.

Including Fu Jiajun, Li Junwei, and Wu Anyi, three Chinese Hong Kong players should have 25 Chinese players in the qualification competition. However, Liang Wenbo missed the game because of the suspension, so only 24 people appeared. After experiencing 4 rounds of qualifications, only Ding Junhui, Xiao Guodong, Zhou Yuelong, Lu Haotian and Xu Si were leaving five people to advance to the main competition. In addition, it is counted as the two seeds of Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, and 7 Chinese players in the top 32 of the Sai Sai.

In the first day of the first day of the game, the defending champion Zhao Xintong lost 5 games in a row with a big score of 2-1. The first TOP16 seeds and Chinese players were eliminated in this competition.


Lu Haotian VS Luca-Brechel’s counterclockwise

In the first stage of the 2nd match day, Lu Haotian, the second Chinese player, played against the last runner-up, the No. 11 Seed, and the Belgian player Luca Blachel. Previously, the two had played three times, and Lu Haotian won 2 wins and 1 loss slightly.


Lu Haotian 4-6 Luca-Brechel

In this game, the two sides played a lot. In the first two innings, Brechett broke a hundred with 1 shot, winning 83-5 and 125 (124) -4 winning two games in a row, leading a big score of 2-0. Since then, Lu Haotian has a single shot of 50+ in three games in a row, with 98 (58) -1, 97 (97) -0 and 79 (79) -0 consecutive 3 games, and the score is 3-2.

However, Blachel subsequently won 3 games in a row with 84-16, 72 (72) -5 and 68 (55) -29, led the big score 5-3, and took the lead in getting the game point. In the ninth inning, Blachel made a single shot of 50+ in the third consecutive inning, but when Lu Haotian lagged behind 0-55 (55), he rescued 1 with 1 shot 70+, 79 (79) -55 (55). Point a large score to 4-5. At a critical moment, Brechetic got started many times, winning a game with 69-42, a large score of 6-4, and advanced to the second round. Lu Haotian became the second Chinese player who appeared and was eliminated.


Neil-Robertson vs Joe Perry fought records

In another game at the same time, the No. 3 seed and “Australian artillery” Neil Robertson faced the veteran of England Joe Perry. Among the 18 times of the two sides, Neil Robertson had 11 wins and 7 losses to occupy the upper hand.


Neil-66 Joe Perey

However, in this game, the “Australian artillery” failed to show his strong attack power. Instead, the veteran Joe Perry came up and opened the fire. The England people scored 1 shot in 3 games in a row and 60+, and 60+, with 123 (102) -14, 104 (85) -23, 72 (68) -23 and 71-6. 4-0 lead entering the midfield rest.

Return to the rest, Neil Robertson finally found a state, with 1 shot 80+, and pulled back a game with 92 (88) -0. However, Joe Perry also played a single shot 80+ again, winning a game with 85 (81) -4, and a big score of 5-1 to get the match point. In the seventh game, the “Australian artillery” played the second shot of the second shot of 60+, and saved 1 match point with 88 (62) -21. At a critical moment, Joe Perry was behind with a single shot of 64 points, with a single shot of 64 (64) -41 to achieve a single game reversal. Neil Robertson has become the second TOP16 seed to be eliminated in the British Championships.

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  1. Last night, Lu Wutian played too carefully, and the mother ball was controlled, and it lost to normal.

  2. Old excuses, what happened to the runner -up, you have to lose.

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