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The British Championship Allen 6-3 Wilson entered the top 8 of the top 8 to out the seeds of the 10th out of the game


K-Wilson 3-6 Mark-Allen

In the early morning of November 17th, Beijing time, the 5th game of the 2022 Snooker British Championships. In the second period, the No. 9 Seed and Northern Ireland player Mark Allen won 3-3 after a large score of 60+. Wilson, advanced to the top 8; and in another game at the same time, the England qualifier player Sam Kreki broke a hundred and 2 shots 60+, and the large score defeated 6-4. The No. 16 Seed and Wales Player Ryan Dai, who was 50+, advanced to the third round. And Ryan Dai has also become the 10th TOP16 seed in this event.


2022 Snooker British Championships 5th Game Day Full Fruit

The 2022 Snooker British Championships was held at the Barbikan Center, Yorkshire, England on November 12-20, local time. In terms of the schedule, the first 7 games are played 4 games a day, divided into 2 periods, 2 games per game period, 2 semi -finals in the 8th, 1 semifinal In terms of the competition system, from the first round to the semi -finals, all adopted the 11th game and 6 wins, and the finals were 10 winning systems, divided into 2 stages.

In the second stage of the 5th match day, the No. 8 seed, the English player K-Wilson and No. 9 seeds, and North Irish player Mark Allen met in the second round. Previously, the two sides played 15 times, and the “small steel cannon” 7 wins and 8 losses took advantage of the wind. However, the last two confrontations were won by the Northern Ireland.


K-Wilson 3-6 Mark-Allen

This is the first time that two people have met in the British Championships. In the first two innings, K-Wilson won the two games with 80-26 and 67 (67) -1 with 1 shot, leading 2-0. Since then, the “small steel cannon” bombarded 4 shots for 3 consecutive innings and 60+, with 130 (60, 70) -0, 96 (96) -39 and 84 (84) -20 consecutive 3 games, a large score of 3-2 Excellence.

In the sixth inning, K-Wilson once again played a single shot 70+, with 72 (72) -0 and the score of 3-3 square meters. At the critical moment, Mark Allen once again hit 70+, with 80 (80) -1, 86-15 and 91 (70) -24-24 consecutive games, with a large score of 6-3 victory, and advanced to the top 8.

In another game at the same time, the No. 16 seed and Wales player Ryan Dai Daiwan Battle of the England Qualifications Sam Kreki. Earlier, the two sides had only played twice, and the two wins one game in the autumn, but the recent meeting was Ryan Dai Win.


Ryan-Dai 4-6 Sam Craigki

In this game, Craigki opened the firepower at the beginning. In the first 6 innings, he played a total of 3 shots and 60+. (130) -0, 54-60, and 103 (103) -0, the big score is 4-2.

In the seventh and eighth innings, Ryan-50+ bombarded 1 shot of one hundred and 1 shot, with 97 (52) -0 and 112 (112) -0 consecutive games, chasing the score into 4- 4 flat. At the critical moment, Craigki once again played a single shot 70+, winning 2 games with 77-6 and 110 (77) -9, winning a large score of 6-4, and advanced to the third round. And Ryan Dai has also become the 10th TOP16 seed in this event.

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  1. These two games are wonderful

  2. already have two qualified contestants to reach the quarterfinals. Next, I will see Xiaohui.Little steel artillery calendar [hee hee]

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