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The Brazilian team missed the top 4 head coach Titte announced his resignation

In the World Cup 1/4 final, Croatia eliminated Brazil through penalty shootouts and won the popular Brazilian team out.

After missed the World Cup, the Brazilian coach Titte announced that he resigned from the position of the national team coach.

Titte led the team to participate in the two World Cups, and the team fell to the top 8.He led the team to play 81 games, the team won 60 wins, 15 draws and 6 losses, scored 174 goals, and lost 30 goals.

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  1. The Brazilian team is a pity, anyway, it is also the first popular

  2. The replacement is a disaster. If the fat man is definitely not the right side of the winger, what kind of wing is changed.

  3. The substitution failed, Mili Tang played well, Fred was too slow, the single knife was not played, and he was succeeded in a break.Tactical confusion, after 1: 0, he did not defend.

  4. The coach bought the order for his disorderly substitution, and Brazil also bought a list for his laziness in the first half. When you think that others are a big gift package, you may be a big gift package

  5. The opportunity of dancing in the World Cup … [Poor]

  6. Be a good king -frying card, and it is bad!IntersectionIntersection

  7. The defense must be defended.Mili Tang, the coach has a pit.

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    ixixixinininininin6315579386 10 12 月, 2022 at 2:24 上午

    The coaches of South America are pig heads. The game in Argentina almost destroyed the pig of Scaroni.

  9. Tactics have no chapters players without passion.

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