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The Brazilian government announced that three days of mourning for Bailey

The Brazilian government announced on Thursday that three days of condolences for the death of Belly Belly.

On Thursday, Bailey died at the age of 82 at St. Paul.

Mourning from Thursday and the end of December 31, the day before the president Luolla’s inauguration.

The Mayor’s Office of San Paul and Santos (where Bailey spent most of his career) announced the official mourning for seven days.

The three -time World Cup champion’s spiritual ceremony and funeral was scheduled to be held next Monday and Tuesday in Santos, San Paulo, and he has lived there for decades that he has played for Santos Club.

Bailey died on San Paulo Hospital on Thursday, and he suffered from multiple organ failure due to colon cancer.

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  1. Sometimes the difference, when the message is sent (at 8 am Beijing time on the 30th), the Brazil time is still 29th

  2. The time there is a slow day of the day

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