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The Birk Youth Finals Round Li Mengyang and Jiang Jin won the first -level championship

On December 9th, the 2022 Buick Chinese Youth Golf Championship and Buick National Youth Golf Elite Series Finals launched the second round of contest at the Putian Mazu Golf Club in Fujian.The sunny weather and the pleasant temperature provided good conditions for the players to surrender excellent results.After two rounds, the group B champion took the lead. The men and women group B and Jiang Jinhan both held the lead and boarded the highest podium in the first -level competition for the first time.

“After waiting for two years, I finally won the championship again, and I was so excited!” Li Mengyang, a player B player from Zhuhai, surrendered 75 shots in the second round, and finally won the first time in Group B with 6 shots.The first -level championship trophy.The two -year championship was also questioned by Li Mengyang. This time, he responded with the final championship.”Many people said before that I didn’t work hard enough to win the championship anymore. This time I finally broke their doubts.

Winning the championship is the best proof!”After winning the finals champion, Li Mengyang was more confident in his future.” The champion is a new beginning. Everyone is working hard. I will continue to cheer and win more championships in the future!”


(Li Mengyang)

The women’s group B Jiang gave 79 shots in this round. After 36 holes, she won with one shot and won the first -class victory for the first time.”The last few holes are really thrilling today, but the tempering experience during this time, especially the winning experience of the sub -station, keeps me calm at critical moments.” A sub -station champion and a championship, Jiang Jin is inWithin four months, he held the Biek Youth Golf Championship twice and drawn a successful end to his group B career.Jiang Jinhan, who is about to be promoted to Group A in February next year, is also preparing for the competition in Group A.”Some time ago, I have started playing in Group A’s competition and training. I hope that after being promoted to Group A, I can adapt to the game faster. Of course, the champion of the finals will make me more confident in Group A!”


(Jiang Jin)

The 15 -year -old man in group A, Xia Dutian, handed over the best 69 shot in the audience this round.”This is the first time I have led in the first -level match, and I feel very happy!” Xia Duo Tian from Chongqing was recently adjusted to move. Therefore, there were not many participating in the competition. The 69 shot of the second round finally made him see hope.”In the past year, I have been adjusting the swing, which leads to the unstable hit. This round can make red letters, which will make me more confident in the final wheel!”



Changxi, who ranked first in the Central High School, handed over 75 shots in this round, and ranked second alone with a three -pointed difference. He still had the opportunity to impact the finals in the finals.

In the first round of the women’s group A, Ren Yijia handed 76 shots in this round, and continued to occupy the women’s group A with the advantage of four shots.”The opponents of the first -level race are very strong, and the stadium is also very difficult. It cannot be relaxed tomorrow. You must play according to the established strategy. I hope to win the championship!”


(Ren Yijia)

The final round of the finals ended smoothly. The golden championship trophy is not only the best testimony of the unremitting efforts of the Buick Gaoqiu teenager, but also a brand new starting point for their farther goals.Tomorrow, whether the crowns in Group A will be staged, is it a big hit, or is there an unexpected surprise?We follow together!


(Group B holds a cup photo)

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