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The best offensive and defensive team won the best of the Okology Premier League officials

In the early morning of Wednesday, Beijing time, Manchester United won Bernemouth 3-0 in the Premier League game. Lukeshwan performed well in this game. He scored 1 goal in the game. After the game, he won the best honor in the game.

In the 48th minute of this game, Ghanajo passed on the right, Luke-Xiaozhong Road pushed the goal to help Manchester United lead in 2-0.This is his first goal of the Premier League this season.

In addition to scoring 1 goal in this campaign, he also created a scoring opportunity three times.He touched 117 times, passed the ball 95 times, and 83 times were in place.9 long pass 5 times in place, the success rate of passing is 87.4%.

Lukesham’s 6 -time confrontation and three successfuls, three fouls, once fouled, and once.Three decisions and 1 steal.

After the game, the Premier League officially gave the best honor to Luke Shaw, and the scoring website also gave him the highest score of 8.1 points.

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  1. The main is hormone, and the body cannot be thinner, and the speed is gone.I bought him at the beginning, but went to the successor Evra.

  2. If Luke Shaw is not the effect of broken legs, it should be much better than now

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