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The Beijing Winter Olympics heritage protection will officially implement the strategic plan in 2019


Beijing will host the Winter Olympics in 2022

Beijing Winter Olympic Heritage Forum and “Protection and Heritage of the Beijing Winter Olympics Literature Heritage in 2022” topic opening meeting was held today at Renmin University of China. Liu Xinghua, Director of the Heritage Division of the General Planning Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said in an interview with China Youth Daily · China Youth Online reporter today that at present, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games (hereinafter referred to as the “Beijing Winter Olympics” ) Heritage planning management is in the planning stage. In 2019, the implementation of the strategic plan will be officially entered. Plan will also be released in the near future. “

The Beijing Winter Olympics began to implement the Olympic Games 2020 ACCO 2020, the Olympic Games of the Olympic Committee, and integrating the resources of all parties and allowing the Olympic Wealth to host cities and regions. The top priority of work.

“There is a famous saying on the International Olympic Committee ‘Once they become Olympic cities, they will always be Olympic cities’. Is it really a city full of Olympic spirit, depending on our work of heritage.” Feng Huiling, director of Beijing Humanities Beijing Research Base, said that whether it is the Olympic 2020 agenda or a “new specification”, from the two important reform documents introduced by the International Olympic Committee, it can be seen that the Olympic heritage has been more and more concerned. Measures are also constantly earlier.

This is related to the realistic risks of the Olympic cities. “The cost cannot be affected; even if it is done, there may be Olympic troughs, liabilities or economic declines.” Feng Huiling said that “sustainable” was therefore a key position. As soon as the expansion, the collection is to compress the cost, reduce the Olympic Games, and expand to do a good job of inheritance and maximize the value. “In popular terms, the organizers and participants of the Olympic Games gradually realize that humans or countries and cities are only in the Olympic Games. Get more benefits and reducing risks in Peak, and the sustainability of the Olympic Games can really be realized. Therefore, drawing on history and exploring the new connotation of the Olympic heritage and the new path of protecting heritage is of great significance for Beijing to become a “double Olympic city”.

“Since the 1950s, the” Olympic Heritage “entered the Olympic discourse system for the first time. At that time, it was proposed in Melbourne’s bid for the Olympic Games. The importance of this concept and Japanese drama increased in the process of applying and hosting of previous Olympic Games. “Hu Xiaogan, assistant professor of the Department of Sports of Tsinghua University to trace back to the history of the Olympic legacy, he said that since the 1970s, the Olympic Movement and Olympic Games suffered various crises and impacts. The positive promotion effect of society, the positive impact of this “inadvertent insertion of willows and willows” on the city has prompted the “Olympic heritage” to be continuously updated. In 1991, the Atlanta Olympic Organization Committee extended the scope of the Olympic heritage to the “material heritage and spiritual heritage”.

In the interpretation and practice of Olympic Heritage, Sun Yili, a professor at Beijing Sports University, was impressed by the Vancouver Winter Olympics. “Proposing the concept of” creating heritage ‘is the key to the success of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Heritage is not only a natural retention, but also a purposeful and planned creation process. “

Taking the construction and operation of the venue as an example, “In the early stage of construction, considering the post -match use problems, some venues were completed two years before the Winter Olympics. It can be transformed smoothly. “Sun Yili said that the most successful case is the Richmond Olympic Ellipse Speed ​​Museum. At the end of the Winter Olympics, the entire venue facilities became a place for community activities. At the same time, high -level competitive athletes retained The exercise needs are still profitable after the game. Sun Yili remembers the details of the field inspection. “In order to protect the environment, the woods used for the construction of the roof are all trees eroded by birds or worms in the forest. Many details consider the influence of sustainable development on the development of the community.” And, interactive formulas The experience of the Winter Olympics Museum is set up, which is convenient for young people to experience the continuity of the Winter Olympics.

“Creating heritage breaks through the traditional understanding of the Olympic use of heritage. The heritage can not only be the competition venue, but also the creation of the Olympic spirit. Create a tangible heritage serving athletes, community residents, and school students, and also created intangible assets such as sports knowledge, Olympic spirit, national pride. ” Specialized inheritance institutions, and emphasizing the continuity of inheritance work, ensuring the continuous role of Olympic heritage.

“The management of the inheritance planning of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games draws on the experience of many Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics including Vancouver, Sochi, Pyeongchang, London, Rio, etc., and will combine reality. Planning, creating, and refining the highlight heritage of Beijing at work. “Liu Xinghua said that the 2008 Beijing Olympics was a precious model.

“In fact, since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing has been inheriting the Olympic heritage well. Olympic promotional associations such as Olympic promotion will be an innovation and a inheritance of the Olympic heritage.” Li Jinghong, deputy director of the Association Office, told China Youth Daily · China Youth Online reporter that compared with 10 years ago, whether it is the International Olympic Committee or the hosted urban level, the current level of emphasis on Olympic heritage has already entered a new level. The successful application of the Beijing Winter Olympics has played an important role in the heritage left by the Beijing Olympic Games. In addition to using hard heritage such as the 2008 Olympic Games facilities, the establishment of the Olympic Assembly of the Public Welfare Social Organization, the accumulation of the Olympic talents, and the soft heritage of the people’s hearts through national fitness activities, international sports cultural exchanges, youth Olympic education, etc. The inheritance has also created favorable conditions for the realization of the dream of the Winter Olympics. In Li Jinghong’s view, for the management of the inheritance of the Beijing Winter Olympics, “the experience of drawing on the experience of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the Olympic Games held by other countries, making the planning more macro -guiding, making the inheritance work more standardized, more standardized, and more standardized. meticulous”. After the Winter Olympics entered the Beijing cycle, in order to better do the management of the Winter Olympics heritage planning and the inheritance of the “Double Olympic Heritage”, the Olympic Promotion Association has formulated and released the “Winter Olympics Cycle Action Plan”, including five major projects, 19 main projects, and 19 main items. The main purpose of task is to transform the Olympic heritage into the results that can feel the people feel.

During the 2008 Olympic preparation process in Beijing, there were no similar inheritance institutions involved in the application and preparation process, and lack of professional talents. Work will play a role in promoting, and the timeline will be clearer. ” Li Jinghong said that in general, the use of hard heritage can make the masses more intuitively feel the results of the Olympic heritage. Therefore, “the use of the newly built venues for the Winter Olympics needs to be scientifically planned in advance, which is also an important part of the current work of Beijing Winter Olympics.” The role of soft heritage inheritance is often “moist and silent”. Therefore, in order to do a good job of “double Olympic heritage” inheritance, it is also necessary to attach great importance to the use and inheritance of soft heritage in culture and society.

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