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The balance of the second grade of Dalo Tounun is 11.24 billion yuan


Screenshot of Dale Topo’s lottery scene

On the evening of January 2, Beijing time, the 23001th lottery lottery was drawn.The current lottery number is 18 19 24 27 34 in the front area, and the rear area is 11 12; the national sales amount in this period is 244 million yuan.

In this issue, the Great Leading Prize was opened. The second prize was 64 bets, and the single bet was more than 191,000 yuan, of which 18 bets were added, and the bonus was more than 152,000 yuan.In terms of prize pools, after the end of the prize, 1.124 billion yuan was rolled into the next issue.


Other game lottery lottery numbers that night is:

Latest 33002 Issue 23002 Latest lottery number: 0 7 0

Latest the latest lottery number 23002: 0 7 0 7 7 7

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