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The awarding ceremony of the Bay Area Cup Big Chess Tournament was held again to hold the cup again (picture)

On the south sea, talk about the wind and clouds. 2022 The 2nd “Bay Area Cup” Chinese Go Big Chess Tournament officially ended in the 1990 Cultural Museum in Shenzhen. Essence


Shenzhen Deputy Mayor Zhang Huawei Champions Ding Hao awarded the award

2022 The 2nd “Bay Area Cup” China Go Big Chess Championship was co -sponsored by the China Go Association, Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, and Shenzhen Baoan District People’s Government. The Baoan District Go Association is executed.


Wang Runan and the deputy head of Baoan District, Shenzhen, Lian Cong, awarded the award for Yu Yuting

The awards ceremony of the event was held on the evening of November 24th, Wang Runan, former chairman of the Chinese Go Association, Zhang Hua, deputy mayor, Zeng Xianglai, director of the Municipal Culture, Radio, Television Tourism and Sports Bureau, Yao Yinqin, a first -level investigator of the Municipal Education Bureau, Wang Shourui, Secretary of the Baoan District Party Committee, and Wang Shourui District Chief Wang Lide attended the award ceremony. Deputy Mayor Zhang Huawei Ding Hao awarded a big chess trophy.


Closing ceremony scene

“Big Cheese” is another professional Go title battle after chess, Tianyuan, celebrities, and national players. It is one of the highest specifications in China and the highest level of Go events. At the same time, this is also the “Baoan Battle” of the Go Peak of Go. It is the original event of Baoan, Shenzhen. It is named after the “Bay Area Cup”. Essence

The qualifications for this event are the top 33 players in the Chinese professional Go level, of which Ding Hao, the first champion, advances directly to the final. The competition held the first two rounds of qualifiers online in Beijing and Hangzhou from October 8th to 10th. The quarterfinals played in the 8th to 23rd in the Baoan of Shenzhen from November 18th to 23rd. The finals adopt a three -time chess form, winning two games to win. Wu Yuting went all the way to the finals of Ding Hao, but in the end, Ding Hao, who was in good condition, was cut off the two cities and missed the title of Big Chess. After 00, Ding Hao, a Shanxi chess player, became the first player in the history of Chinese Go to the title of a big chess player.

There are many highlights in this tournament. In the semi -finals, Yang Kaiwen defeated Wang Xinghao’s seventh section, and was promoted to nine sections with its points, becoming the 56th professional nine chess players in Chinese Go.

Shenzhen China Go Culture Exhibition and the “Bay Area Cup” Big Chess Tournament was launched in the same period. This is the first time in Shenzhen to hold a national Go exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is “Southern South Sea”. The magnificent layout of the Greater Bay Area Cultural Development Strategy, through various expression forms such as Go’s land art, Go artificial intelligence, and immersive 3D Go culture experience, which not only shows the profoundness of Chinese Go culture, but also reflects science and technology and art, art, art, and art. Empowerment of China’s excellent traditional culture expression.

During the competition, a number of peripheral activities such as the Go national entry and multi -ethnic young children’s Go exchanges were also carried out. Taking the “Bay Area Cup” Chinese Go Big Chess Tournament as an opportunity, Baoan District has vigorously promoted the development of the Go industry and industrial development, promoted China’s excellent traditional culture among the majority of young people, children, and ethnic groups, promoted cultural self -improvement, and cast new socialist culture. brilliant.

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