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The Australian Super League reminds: The Bridge Lion Roar’s attack is worried about averaging less than 1 goal per game


Brisbane Lion Roar


1. Status: 3-1 on the game defeated the Sydney FC and won the first league victory this season;

2. Defensive: There are only 4 league goals since the season, which is less than 1 goal per game. The quality of defense is pretty good;

3. Data history: The last five events as the same initial data in the last five times finally achieved a record of 2 wins and 3 draws. The performance under this data is quite good;

4. Data trend: The data record of the last 3 games is 2 win and 1 walk, and the ability to win the data has been significantly improved.


1. Attack: So far this season only scored 4 league goals, all of which are less than 1 goal, and the quality of the offense is worrying;

2. Home: There are only 30%winning rates in the last 10 games in the last 10 games, and the home advantage is not obvious.



1. Status: 3-0 victory in Melbourne victory at the game at home, recently achieved 3 consecutive victories in the league and 4 consecutive unbeaten records;

2. Data trend: Recently, 4 games have won data, and the ability to win data has soared sharply;

3. Sub -away: The last 10 games have achieved a record of 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses.

4. Attack: 12 goals scored in 6 rounds this season, and the average score has reached 2 goals per game;

5. Battle record: The two sides played for the last 10 times, and Adela Germany won 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, occupying a relatively obvious advantage.


1. Guardian defense: In the last 10 league players, only once can be able to block the opponent once. This season, there have been goals who have been defeated by the away game 4 times this season, and have lost 7 goals in total.

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