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The Australian Super League reminds: Perth’s glorious 10 rounds of the league only scored 8 goals in 8 goals.


Perth Glory


1. Warfare: Temporarily list the bottom of the standings. In order to get rid of the position of the deputy squad leader as soon as possible, the desire to grab points is strong;

2. Home: Five consecutive home events remained unbeaten, and 3 games were won during the period. The home power was greatly improved compared to the previous period;

3. Montess: In the last round of the league victory over West Sydney’s wandering, successfully stopped rebound, morale was improved;

4. Trend: Five consecutive home events can run out of data smoothly, and the trend is quite good in home conditions.


1. Attack: In the first 10 rounds, there were 4 games that could not get goals. At present, only 8 goals are harvested.

2. Adversity: Among the 7 games that lost the goal this season, 6 games were lost directly.

Brisbane Lion Roar


1. Status: Only once lost once in the new season. At present, it has been unbeaten for 8 consecutive games, and the competitive state is very stable;

2. Attack: There are scores (9 goals) in 8 consecutive games. At present, the firepower of the front line is relatively stable;

3. Defensive: There have been 3 times in the past 7 games, and there are only 4 goals in the period during the period. The defense quality has been improved significantly;

4. Fighting: This season, there are 14.6 successful contests. The high -altitude ball processing capacity is the third strongest league;

5. Guard: In the past nine away games, all of them have been undefeated. During the period, there were 5 successful triumphs, and the away combat effectiveness was outstanding;

6. Data: In the past 5 games under the same initial data, 4 unbeaten games.


1. Adversity: This season, under the four games that lost the goal this season, they finally won.

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