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The Australian Open Merrons reversed Scott to win the Caihai Women’s Group to win

On December 4th, Beijing time, the Australian Open, which was jointly certified by the DP World Tour and the Australian Tour, fell under the Victorian Golf Club.The huge advantage won the Polish player in history to win the Australian Open in history.South Africa player Ashleigh Buhai won the Women’s Championship.

Under the last hole, Meilongk ended the eagle and handed over 66 shots (-4) of 1 eagle, 4 birds and 2 cypresses, with a total score of 268 (73-66-63-66).With a huge advantage of 5 shots, the Stonehaven Cup is held, which is also the second DP World Tour Champion of Meilongk.

Adam Scott was originally expected to win the Australian Open championship again after 13 years, but after the Australian star took three rounds, this round of the finals caught three birds, swallowed three cypresses and 1Shuangbai avoids 74 (+2) of disappointing 74 (+2), with a total score of 273 (71-63-67-72, -9), ranking secondary.

Australian player Li Minyu handed over 69, with a total score-8 shot, ranking third in individual; Spanish players Alejandro Canizares (64), Australian player Haydn (HaydnBarron, 70) Total score-7, ranking fourth.

The top three players who have not qualified to qualify for this game will receive the entry tickets for the British Open next year. As Meilongk and Scott have obtained qualifications, the three players of Li Yiyu, Gunaarez and Barron will directly lead to the royal familyLiverpool.

In terms of the women’s group, South African player Ashli Bohai highlighted from the melee. She played 73 (+1), and the total score was lower than the standard pole.Won the champion.

Australian player Hannah Green (74 shot, total score-10), Grace-Gold (72 shot, total score-9 shot), Li Yizhi (71st, total score-8) was divided into three to five.

Chinese player Lin Xizhen handed over 75, with a total score higher than the standard pole, ranking 16th in the ranking.

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