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The Asian Games announced that it was not good for this year’s marathon!

Just now, the Director -General of the Asian Olympic Council announced that the 19th Asian Games, which was scheduled to be held in Hangzhou, China from September 10th to 25th, 2022, will be postponed, and the specific date is announced.

The Asian Games was another high -standard sports event in my country after the Beijing Winter Olympics. With the explosion of the domestic epidemic, it announced the postponed news 4 months before the start of the game.

The Asian Games announced that it was not good for this year's marathon!-1

Twenty days ago, Tian Xie just held a marathon trial in the Asian Games and World Championships in Hangzhou. Yang Shaohui won the men’s championship.

The Asian Games announced that it was not good for this year's marathon!-2

Zhang Xinyan’s debut was the peak, and Zhang Dushun won the women’s championship. Although the ranking of this competition, the Asian Games participating places need to be calculated through a number of points. The first 6th players will also participate in the National Track and Field Championships held later. Finally determine the team.

With the postponement of the Asian Games, the Chinese Marathon ’s national players have missing a heavy responsibility this year. There are only the World Championships in the international competition. Its importance is far less important than the Asian Games held in the local area.

Speaking of the marathon now, it seems that this word is becoming more and more strange to runners. When did the marathon last time? Many people have forgotten this experience.

The tragedy of the silver off -road match has been almost one year, which also means that the empty window period of the Chinese marathon has been one year. The last time there was a super marathon weekend, or in April 2021, after 522 silver off -road tragedy, after the tragedy Runners seem to enter the cycle of registration-extension-restart-re-extension.

When can this cycle end, it seems that there is no hope this year, and at least the first half of the year will not be available. No one predicts the prospects in the second half of the year.

Marathon is not a necessity, but its disappearance seems to be a microcosm. It used to be a way of life and travel. This painful and happy experience has been called a luxury.

The Asian Games announced that it was not good for this year's marathon!-3

At the National Road Running and Volkswagen Tracks Working Conference of the China Athletics Association recently held, the China Athletics Association issued the “Guiding Opinions on the normalization of the Epidemium”.

This “Guidance Opinions”, new requirements for road running events under the normalization of the epidemic:

(1) Turn into zero. Promoting large -scale events that the original large -scale and tens of thousands of people participated in, narrowing into small and medium -sized events, which are controlled and localized competitions, improve the success rate of running the competition under the premise of compliance with the local epidemic prevention and control policy. In daily activities, individuals, small groups, small clubs, and small running groups are encouraged to carry out road running or competition activities spontaneously.

(2) The growth is short. In the project settings, in the case of 42.195 kilometers of standard marathon, make full use of multiple small items covered by road running events, and even set up the actual non -standard distance. Each organizing committee holds short -distance and low -risk project competitions such as 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers.

(3) Benefits are virtual. In the model of the event, the combination of online events and offline events can be advocated. It can organize various forms of online forums, training camps, online games and other forms of various forms of organizational forms. Preheating and supplementing, the event activities and publicity are always through.

(4) Turn into simplification. In the form of event organization, according to the actual situation, on the basis of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, event organization, risk prevention and control, emergency treatment, and medical security, accurate policies, simplify processes, and invest funds and resources into key key In the link, it advocates holding simple and easy -to -run events such as small test competitions and small -scale closed -loop competitions.

It is foreseeable that the marathon will not be better in the second half of the year! Large -scale long -distance competitions will become less and less. Affected by the epidemic, local, short -distance, small -scale, and online games seem to be the mainstream.

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