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The announcement of the lottery information must include five items

Lottery is an important part of lottery issuance and sales, and is the focus of social attention. The timely and accurate release of lottery information is the responsibilities of the lottery institutions stipulated in regulations such as the “Regulations on the Management of Lottery” and the implementation rules. It is an important measure to promote information disclosure, respond to public concerns, build responsibilities for lottery tickets, and increase welfare lottery credibility.

So, what should a complete lottery information announcement be included? Article 39 of the Implementation Rules of the Lottery Management Regulations makes clear and detailed regulations.

Lottery distribution agencies and lottery sales agencies shall announce the current lottery sales and awards to the society in a timely, accurate, and complete announcement. The content of the announcement includes:

(1) Lottery game name, lottery date or period number

(2) The current lottery sales amount

For non -fixed prizes, the sales amount of each issue is related to the content of the vital interests of the lottery funds and bonuse distribution, so it must be announced in the current announcement of the lottery information.

(3) The results of the current lottery lottery

The results of the current lottery include two parts, one is the lottery number, and the other is the winning situation. Both information is the most concerned information of the lottery buyers. After the results of the lottery are announced, the lottery buyers must check whether the current lottery number is consistent with the currently available number to determine whether the winning number is consistent; in the winning situation, you can check the corresponding prize amount after each prize and other prizes.

(4) The balance of funds in the prize pool

Under normal circumstances, the lottery game sets the prize pool, the prize pool is used to collect lottery games withdrawal bonuses and actual bonus funds. The fixed lottery game, when the bonus is fixed in the current actual bonus, the balance enters the prize pool; the current bonus is less than the actual bonus in the current period. The lottery game with floating prizes is currently withdrawn the bonus to deduct the balance of the current bonus to enter the prize pool; the award pool funds are only used to pay for the high prizes of the lottery after the lottery. Therefore, the amount of funds of the prize pool is an important part of the announcement of the lottery information, which reflects the integrity of the lottery information.

(5) Discover period

The “Implementation Rules for the Regulations on Lottery Management” stipulates that the deadline for redeeming prizes is 60 natural days from the date of the prize. On the last day is the holiday of all citizen holidays or the lottery market for the “National New Year and Memorial Day Holiday Measures”. After all citizens’ holidays or the first working day after the lottery market is closed. Therefore, the announcement of the lottery information must include the current winning time to remind the winners to redeem the prize in time, which is a concrete manifestation of the responsibility of the lottery agency.

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