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The AFC Champions League of the Guangzhou Team is not satisfied with the most satisfied goalkeeper

Reporter Cai Zonglin reported that on July 3, the fourth round of the AFC Champions League in the 2021 season, the “Youth Edition” Guangzhou team once again played against the Hong Kong team of China.

“The dispute between young and old” (the average age of the Guangzhou team in this game was 20.5 years old, and Jie Zhi first launched an average of 31.3 years). He ended with Jie Zhi winning, and he fought for the first time a few days ago. The score was the same.

Guangzhou team agent Liu Zhiyu recognized the players’ efforts. “They played very hard in the game. From the first minute of the game, they have been fighting to the 90th minute.” But it is not enough to do it. The things that improve the offensive end need to have more thoughts. “We are constantly strengthening and strengthening in shortcoming every day. We want to show what we are training every game, but it is a pity and regret today. Today, today, today, today, today, today, it is a pity and regret. Today Not fully displayed. There are too many things that players need to improve. The ball offensive time we get is very limited. How to improve the player’s instantaneous decision in the game. For example, in the selection of the first time after taking the ball Okay or passing the ball, it will be the focus of our next job. “

The Guangzhou team, which defeated the 4 rounds, is hopeless to come out. From this perspective, the Guangzhou team’s game has been “ended.” In this battle, what did the players gain? This is the issue that everyone cares about.

“There are too many things to be improved”

Among the Guangzhou team with an average age of 19.16, the only player who has the experience of the Super League is Yang Dejiang, 16 -year -old midfielder. He was promoted by Canavaro this season and entered the list of Chinese Super League. In the deep foot, he appeared in the bench and staged his first career. Chen Quanjiang, the older captain, only played a professional competition last season. He was leased in the 2020 season to the China A team Inner Mongolia Zhongyou and got 7 games in total for a total of 213 minutes. Most of the remaining players only have the experience of the game of the Qing Chao or the U21 league.

Although some young players have achieved 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the U21 league, the U21 league and AFC Champions League are completely different levels. In the AFC Champions League, 4 -game losing goals, one goal did not score, and went out in advance. Such results were really not ideal.

Evergrande Football School has been established for some time, and players can gradually “supply” the first team. The Guangzhou team has been committed to letting more young players play professional games as soon as possible and grow in the cruel competition of professional football. Last year, there were as many as 28 U23 players in China A and China B. This season, the Guangzhou team’s first team has promoted more young players, as well as the National Games competition task and the new U21 competition for the Football Association. The Guangzhou team has decreased. The number of leased players, but there are also nearly 20 people who lease them into each team of the third -level professional league. This is not considered to be selected for the 4 players of the U20 National Youth to play.

Young players have the age advantage, but the most valuable thing is time. After all, at the most critical period of the age of 17-22, its performance almost determines the height of a player’s career, and most players will be eliminated during this time.

It is not easy to enter the first team of the Guangzhou team that belongs to the Chinese Super League and stand firmly. After all, each position of the Eight Crown has a national -footed player. Young players need to seize the opportunity to improve themselves and let more people see them see themselves. Seeing your own strength.

Today, the Football Association has canceled the reserve league and replaced by the U21 league. The U21 league registration list has the number of super -aged players. For the “Little Tiger Team” participating in the AFC Champions League, the U21 league is a performance platform. The AFC Champions League It is also a good opportunity to show yourself.

However, from the first four rounds of the AFC Champions League, the play of young players failed to make people satisfied. As the coach said, “There are too many things to be improved”, it is of course important to work hard, but only if you have hard work, you obviously cannot reach Hengxin. Big requirements.

The small goalkeeper has contributed 14 times to save

Four consecutive defeats, early out, the Guangzhou team AFC Champions League group stage will end on July 10, Beijing time. The remaining two games play against Osaka cherry blossoms and Thailand. it is good.

The team will do its best to return to China as soon as possible at the end of the game. After experiencing isolation and medical observation, the players and staff will have to go out early in early August.

The young players of the Guangzhou team must face the crackdown of confidence in their confidence in the continuous defeat. Timely adjusting the mentality of the player is one of the jobs that the acting coach Liu Zhiyu must do. In addition, they will also summarize the shortcomings in the previous four games, and continue to be in Practice in training, and fight for every game than before.

When it comes to the largest gain of the Guangzhou team in this event, it is naturally a 20 -year -old goalkeeper Zhang Jianzhi.

Zhang Jianzhi was born in 2000 and reached 1.96 meters. He has excellent door line technology and rescue response. In 2017, Zhang Jianzhi was selected into the U19 National Youth Team. In the summer of two years, Zhang Jianzhi was first promoted to the Guangzhou team’s first team to practice with the team to focus on training.

When you come to the first team, it is a completely different experience for Zhang Jianzhi. People who have trained with themselves have become Guo Gate Zeng Cheng and Liu Dianzo. Sometimes I will tell me when I should practice specific, including some training methods and mentality; Hargo (Liu Dianzo) usually mention me, such as the way of processing the ball in front of the goal, and some commands The details on the defense line … In short, I have learned a lot with them. I really thank the elder brother for helping me. “Zhang Jianzhi said. Last season, Zhang Jianzhi was selected as the big list of the AFC Champions League in the Guangzhou Team. This season is his second AFC Champions League journey. “I can come here as young and hold a learning attitude. After all, my future career is still very Long. Being able to train with the best players in the country every day, for me, this is a kind of gain in itself. “

This time the Guangzhou team took the Youth Army, Zhang Jianzhi was the team’s starting goalkeeper to withstand huge pressure, and his strength was in a disadvantage of the “Little Tiger”. Each game had to go through the opponent siege. , Li Bao’s team does not have a large -scale “tragedy”. According to data statistics, Zhang Jianzhi has contributed 14 times after the four group stages. It is currently ranked 10th in the AFC Champions League group goalkeeper this season. In the two games, he also had the opportunity to continue to improve the data.

After Zeng Cheng left the team, the outside world has always believed that the Guangzhou team lacks a qualified goalkeeper No. 2, and other teams in the Super League have cases such as Han Jiaqi in Guangzhou and Guo Quanbo in Beijing Guoan. Zhang Jianzhi performed, and may help him grow into a “available person” of the first team.

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