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The AFC Champions League is only because of the age?The other party U20 still bursts you!

The AFC Champions League journey of the Guoan Youth Army is also over. Although there is one more draw and two goals than the Guangzhou team with six consecutive defeats, it is 6 more goals than Guangzhou. In fact, the situation of the two groups of six groups and six opponents will be comprehensively. Whoever is good and who is bad, anyway, it is serious. In the first few rounds of the author, I said a lot of encouragement to cheer up, or even a little closed, just because the game was not over, it is not necessary to say hard.

Now the game is over. Normal conclusions can be concluded that if this U20 player is used to represent the general level of Chinese players at the age group, it is really desperate.

The young people of the Chinese team may be born fast, maybe you are energetic, maybe Weibo wrote a ruthless word without punctuation, but on the field, you need to show the hardness, speed, skills of the offensive attack on the offensive. , Judgment, series, IQ, and you can only give a silly rush that wanders uncertainty, dare to return or even fake actions, where is a person rushing to where. The entire collective is inherently without the thinking, potential and research of offensive thinking, potential, and research. Can I dominate East Asia in the age of five? Intersection

The last game of Kawasaki striker against Guoan. After a 2001 player, we can compare him with Guoan in the same age. He is Miyagi. Everyone who had watched this ball knew that Miyagi was eye -catching in this game. In the first half of Miyagi, I gave a clever goal to the right and achieved two assists. Note that his assists are not in the bottom line, even if you push into this straightforward operation, but after a purpose of assault, after the ribs assault, the fake action will open the defensive player and your own space gap, and then calm down to feed calmly. Give for teammates. This is called the real sense of “exploding you one side.”

In the second half of Miyagi, the activity time for the left and middle roads for a long time was long. It was still a living tiger, and it also directly scored a difficult low -level ball directly to sweep the far corner. Among the players in Guangzhou and Beijing this time, is there a 20 -year -old teenager who is impressive? I didn’t see it at all, and there was no such thing as a strong man who could not move a mediocre team.

Miyagi leased it to the J3 league last year and returned to Kawasaki this year. The J1 league should not be played (not sure). It must not be considered a top genius in Japan’s U20. Guoan’s U20 made a bad army. By the way, Kawasaki finally went to a player who was younger than Miyagi, and he could still make a small movement.

Although the 20 -year -old looks small, it is 20 years old. As Miyagi, I have a good singles and strain strength, and can understand the offensive and defensive system of the boss of the first team. The 20 -year -old player of the first team is not unique to this extent. Here are not top players in the same age in Europe and the United States to stimulate people.

If we say that the previous game, we have the opponents who are old rivers and lakes, and even Deyang can stood and kick the old monster of the Super League children as an excuse, but in the same age such as Miyagi Tiantian, a person like Miyagi Tiantian After giving humiliation, no longer take the mentality of deeper self -reflection and acknowledge a huge gap.

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