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The advantage of the six shots may lose the seven people in the history of the US Tour in the history of the United States Tour

On January 8th, Beijing time, when Colin Morikawa came to Caparuwa earlier this week, he glanced at the champion locker room, and also browsed the front victory pole of the sentry championship.

One of the rods is noticeable: Cameron Smith played 34 in the competition last year.

“That’s a good goal,” Corinth Morikawa said after three rounds reached-24. “We are still far away, but I want to fight one hole and one hole tomorrow, and step by step.”

Cameron Smith’s record is very safe and will not be broken.Will the 6-shot advantage of Colin Morikawa be smoothed?

This is not a topic that cannot be discussed.

In the history of the US Tour, 7 players lost 6 advantages in the last round. The following are these players:

1.Dustin-Johnson, 2017 World Championships-HSBC Championship (the last round 77 shot);

2.Spencer Levin, 2012 WM Phoenix Open (75 shot);

3.Garcia, 2005 The United Bank of the Federal Union Championship (72 shots);

4.Graig Norman, 1996 American Masters (78 shot);

5.Hal Sutton, in 1983, Anheuser-BUSCH Classic (77);

6.Gay Brewer (Gay Brewer), Danny Thomas-Diplomat Classic (73) in 1969;

7.Bobby Cruickshank (Bobby Cruickshaank), 1928 Florida Open (80 shot);

Last year, Scott Sherler also lost 6 lead at the tour championship, but that game could not enter the record book because the number of starters started in that game, not all players started from zero.

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