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The 45 -year -old female movie star publicly shows that I love the small card but I do not know that the small card is in the heart

On November 22, Beijing time, the Clippers star Kavai Leonard became the favorite of middle-aged women.Recently, the 45 -year -old actress January Jones updated the social media and publicly showed Mile Olonad.

Leonard also won the favor of female fans.The 45 -year -old actress January Jones recently posted a photo of Leonard and said: “Small card, call me.” Then he wrote again: “Future boyfriend?”

Leonard has two children with Kishele Shipley. January Jones may not know the inside story and launch an offensive to Leonard.

When you play the team as a team of Los Angeles, these things are unavoidable.How should Leonard respond?(魑))

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    Mobilephoneusers1889389981 11月 22, 2022 at 2:13 上午

    NO must not be prohibited, because you are free in the United States, you can do everything ⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙

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