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The 42nd Amateur World Championships started Bai Baoxiang in the first game victory over Norwegian players

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On the afternoon of November 23, Beijing time, the 42nd World Amateur Go Championship officially kicked off on the Wild Fox Action. Bai Baoxiang, the three championship winners, once again played on behalf of China, and the first game successfully won. In July of this year, China officially served as the rotating chairman of the International Go Alliance from 2022-2023. Therefore, this World Championships was sponsored by China and received strong support from the Shanghai Yingchang period Go Education Foundation.

China Go Association Lin Jianchao published a congratulatory word for the opening of the World Amateur Go Championship:

The 42nd World Amateur Go Championship was held online. This world competition was founded in 1979. Except for the suspension of the SARS period, the new championship was suspended once in the first year, and it has been persisted. An important event is welcomed and welcomed by Go organizations in various countries and regions and regions of all continents.

As the rotating chairman of the International Go Alliance from 2022 to 2023, China hosted this year’s World Amateur Go Championship. We feel that it is very glorious for their amateur Go players and enthusiasts around the world. Will strongly support this competition. In this competition, there are six top amateur masters in six continents and regions. During the epidemic, they never touched the chess skills, and strived to achieve good results. The world amateur Go industry showed a good situation to actively compete in the championship.

In the previous 41st competitions, Chinese players, including Hong Kong and Taipei, China won 26 championships, of which mainland players won 23 championships. Many of the amateur World Championships later grew into the world’s famous professional chess players. In the 41st session last year, Chinese chess player Ma Tianfang won the championship with a small advantage, indicating that the level of players in the world’s amateur chess players are constantly approaching. The contest still held in the epidemic, carry forward the spirit of hard work, and strive for excellent results. I wish this World Amateur Go Championship a complete success!

Chang Hao, chairman of the Go World Championship and the Chairman of the Shanghai Yingchangqi Go Education Foundation, delivered a speech, reviewing a good memory of participating in the Amateur World Championships, participating in the competition at the age of 13 in 1990 and winning the championship.

The 42nd World Championships will be held from November 23rd to December 5th, 2022, every two days. There are top amateur players from 45 countries (regions) from 6 continents in the world signed up. The champion of this competition will receive the title of 8th Grand Go Go in China. This is the first world competition to award the amateur 8th paragraph since the Chinese Go Association has set up amateur Go.

According to the convention, the latest Evening News Cup champion is eligible to represent China to play in the World Amateur Go Championship. Because the top three in the evening of 2021 did not meet the participation regulations, the qualifications were postponed to the fourth place Bai Baoxiang. Bai Baoxiang won the World Amateur Go Championship in 2011, 2016, and 2017. It is the most chess player in the competition. On the evening of the 23rd, Bai Baoxiang played against Norwegian player Xiajielin 4D at 8 o’clock in the first round. Bai Baoxiang in this game first. At the beginning, Norwegian players chose a relatively old -fashioned formula, but the order of chess was not good and local losses. Then it was unexpectedly leaving in the lower left corner. After Bai Baoxiang got the field in the lower left corner, he had a significant leader in the global situation early. To 227 hands, Bai Baoxiang has led 40 meters, and Norwegian players confess to defeat. In order to ensure the smooth progress of online competitions, it was commissioned by the Chinese Go Association, and the Hebei Go Association and the Qinhuangdao Sports Association undertook the guarantee of the Chinese division.

Bai Baoxiang in the first round

The World Amateur Go Championship has been founded in 1979. It is the most well -known and influential world amateur Go contest every year. According to statistics, in the past 41 competitions, Chinese chess players have won 26 times (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwanese players 3 times), forming an absolute advantage over other countries (regions). In the last two competitions, Chinese amateur Go master Wang Chen and Ma Tianfang won the championship.

Canadian chess player Ben Mantle

Croatian chess player Sejepan Mestrovic

Slovenian chess player Andrej Kracj

Peruvian player Jose Felix


Korean player Cui Huanying

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