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The 2021 season K League best mascot competition is fierce!

Since the 2020 season, the K -League mascot selection has become a fixed event of the year. The scope of this selection involves all 22 mascots of the K1 and K2 league teams. After the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic caused the post -2020 season, it was originally hoping to strengthen the fans interaction through the event. At present, the 2nd selection this season is in progress.

In May last year, a similar selection was also held in the La Liga league, which was also interrupted by the epidemic due to the football schedule. La Liga held the best mascot championship, and the finals were in the Mallorca mascot Dimonió and the Balencia mascot Amunt. In the end, Dimonió was awarded the best mascot with Twitter global fans’ voting results.

Similar to the La Liga, the best mascot of the K League was also selected by fans. Each fan can participate in voting by logging in to the official website and vote for 3 candidate mascots every day. Most fans will first vote for the mascot of the supported team, and the remaining two votes are voted for other options.

Since this is a selection, each candidate will make different promises to attract football fans. Some candidates promise to give local specialties for fans visiting the stadium, and even promise to invite mascots of the famous baseball team in the city. On the competition, the mascot will set up an event booth with a business card with candidate photos. Sometimes, you can also see the ticket poster of the local club mascot. The club players and head coaches will issue a statement to support the mascot of our team, and even well -known singers appear in the promotional video.

The enthusiasm of fans in the K League is beyond imagination. During the 11 -day selection process, about 200,000 votes were received 5 days ago. In the well -known online football community and social media, the popularity of this topic has gradually heated up, and fans are constantly helping the team’s mascot to vote.

As the organizer’s K League, we are more aware of the positive energy and business potential of mascots. A mascot will not have a problem of transfer, but will permanently accompany the supporters of the club. During the epidemic, when fans and players have to maintain a social distance, mascots are the only channels that allow direct contact with fans. With the support of fans, the mascot of the K League team is expected to enter the souvenir market and will become a new channel for clubs to create revenue in the future.

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