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The 17 -year -old man on the Moran Wild Stadium was sued for self -defense

In April, Beijing time, according to TMZ, the Grizzlies star Jia Mogett was sued by a 17-year-old man.

The man who sued Mogate said that he had played with Monte on the wild stadium last year and threw the ball on Morrant’s face because he accidentally.Morant asked whether the onlookers should do it, and then Morant moved, punching the man with a punch, and then another person also joined Morant to do it together.

According to the police, the man’s head did have a trace of being beaten.

According to the Moran inquiry record in the police report, Morant revealed that he did hit the man, but he insisted that he was defending himself.Monte said the man deliberately threw the ball to himself and provoked himself to approach himself, and then said that he wanted to burn Morant’s house and other intimidating remarks. He was scared to defend himself.

It is reported that the police conducted several weeks of investigation on the men’s allegations and subsequently submitted the case to the local prosecutor, and the local prosecutor then rejected the man’s demand.

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  1. Bullying is afraid of Montet. If you meet Cheng Xinkai in our country, you can try it. [Doge]

  2. in our country can do whatever they want

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    Sprayperfumedemosquito 1月 4, 2023 at 2:29 上午

    No matter how much it is in our country, it can be counted. [Dig nose]

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