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The 15th seasons of the US Tour request to delete wheat to benefit immediately

On January 7, Beijing time, the 2022-23 season of the US Tour is destined to be a change of season.The full adjustment schedule of the US tour will return to the calendar season, and create a top schedule. The bonus has risen sharply and the lineup is more powerful.

Players, fans, and the media must have spent a year analyzing many changes in the whole year. Among them, the “giant thunder” includes the number of participants in the playoffs.This year, only 70 people can enter the first playoffs: the Federal Express Saint Jude Championship, and then the lineup will gradually fall to 50 (BMW Championship) and 30 people (tour championship).

But in these chaotic changes, you are likely to miss a change of rules.

When Dastein Johnson won the World Championships-Mexico Championships and won the 20th win of the US Tour, he quickly pointed out how important reaching this milestone is to him.

“I definitely want to reach the number of 20. When it reaches 20 wins, you can get a lifelong exemption of the US tour, so this is a very big achievement,” Dustin Johnson said in Mexico.

Of course, there are many benefits of life members, including a player who does not have to play a new event every year to increase the strength of the lineup he does not often play.In addition, he does not have to play 15 stops a year, such as Woods often dissatisfied over the years.However, he will lose his voting right if he plays less than 15 stops.

But later the US tour notified Dastine Johnson, not to say that a player only used to win 20 stops.He also needs to play for 15 seasons to qualify.It happened to be the 12th season of Dastein Johnson as a member. After joining the LIV golf last year, he gave up the status of the US tour.If not, it happened to be his 15th season.

For Dastein Johnson, Ironically, the US Tour has not deleted 15 seasons from 2022.

In fact, even if Dastein Johnson enjoy the above benefits, he will definitely be regarded as a top player, so he must participate in 20 stops in accordance with the new rules, including 12-stop streaming events.

Even so, lifelong members are still a high honor.For example, McRouri can now get a lifelong member.In the Hill Cup in 2021, McRouri has achieved victory in the 20th stop of the US Tour, and now a total of 23 victories.

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