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The 15th 40+ familiar Tang Shen in a single three -point career has returned

On November 21, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors challenged the Houston Rockets. In this game, Crey Thompson was brave. He hit 10 three points in the audience and helped the Warriors defeat the Rockets 127 to 120.

Thompson played for 35 minutes in this game, and scored the highest 41 points in the game in 14 in 23, refreshing the personal season score.

It is worth mentioning that Thompson’s explosive performance helped the Warriors end the away losing away and won the first away victory of the season.

Thompson was previously questioned because of its undulating status, and even fans suggested that Coach Corch got the substitute for Thompson.Thompson’s bravery now crushes the outside world’s doubts and once again proves his strength.

Data show that this is the sixth time Thompson’s personal career has hit at least 10 three points in a single game, which is also his 15th single -game 40+ score.

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