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The 10th “CITIC Real Estate Cup” Chinese Women’s Go Grade A League Regulations

The 10th “CITIC Real Estate Cup”

Chinese Women’s Go Grade A League Regulations

1. The organizer

Chinese Go Association

Second, the organizer

CITIC Real Estate Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

Beijing Go Foundation

Third, the crown unit

CITIC Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Fourth, sponsor unit

CITIC Heye Co., Ltd.

5. Competition time, place and form

The competition is set to be held at the site of each branch and the home of each team.

6. Competition project

Chinese Women’s Go Grade A League (hereinafter referred to as women’s siege)

Seven, qualifications

(1) 10 teams who have obtained women’s siege in 2022.

(2) Each participating unit can report 4 players, 1 leader, 1 coach.After the list of personnel is determined, you must not change the way.Each team has 3 players.

(3) The players of the participating units must register (except Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions) after registering by the Chinese Go Association.The players who must handle transfer and borrowing should be registered after complete the relevant procedures.

(4) In this year, the players of each team must be a professional chess player.The business players must not exceed two (including overseas chess players).If you really need to borrow it, you can only borrow 1 overseas player, and the player must not be more than half of the total rotation of the season.

(5) Participants and coaches can only represent a registered unit to play or work in the same year.

(6) The chess player is obliged to express his feelings and interviews with reporters at the scene of the chess. Generally, it does not exceed 15 minutes; it is obliged to be invited to attend the opening and closing ceremony and form a formal dress.

(7) All units are allowed to be sponsored, but the team name abbreviation must not exceed six words in principle.If there are more than six words, the organizing committee is within six words (including).

8. Competition method

(1) The competition adopts the latest Go competition rules approved by the Chinese Go Association.

(2) The competition adopts the setting system on the spot, 3 people played, and one of the substitutes.

(3) The competition adopts a double -loop match system, with a total of 18 rounds.

(4) The game is used for 5 times and 1 minute after 2 hours per square meter.

(5) The 9th and 10th place in this competition fell into the women’s team competition in the next year.In 2021, the first two teams of the National Go Women’s Team Tournament can participate in the women’s siege this year.

Nine, performance calculation methods

(1) 2 points for each game, 0 points in the negative game.The game is 2 points, and the game is scored 0 points;

(2) If the game cannot determine the winning game, the bureau will be handled immediately according to the victory and defeat, and the game will be re -completed immediately.

(3) Before the ranking of the section high; if the field divides the same, the point is compared, and the ranking of the high score is ranked before; if the same is the same, the comparison between the team’s straight victory.If it is still impossible to distinguish, it will be compared with the first winning rate and so on.When all comparisons cannot be distinguished, and the ranking must be distinguished by each team, one team member will be checked.The way to use the fast chess is 30 seconds per step, and each side has a 10 -minute continuation of 10 times.There is no need to be parallel to the permit.

10. Admission ranking and reward

(1) The top three of the competition will be rewarded.The first place is 600,000 yuan, the second place is 300,000 yuan, and the third place is 200,000 yuan.The teams who have won the fourth to eight of the competition have given RMB 50,000.

(2) The individual award is planned to be set up in this competition, and the specific awards and the award methods will be notified separately.

(3) Set the “Sports Ethics Fashion Award”, and the organizer determines 1 team participation team and 2 individual athletes.

Eleven, registration and registration

The Chinese Go Association notice shall prevail.

Twelve, equipment and funds

(1) The competition uses a unified chess and chess clock, provided by the organizer or the organizer.

(2) During the competition, the transportation expenses are on their own, and the cost of boarding and lodging shall be borne by the conference.All related expenses during the main and away games are resolved by the teams by themselves, and the reception fee of the staff of the conference competition is responsible at home.At home, the visiting team must provide a training tool and set up a laboratory on the day of the game.In terms of mutual reception, the teams should treat each other with sincerity, mutual benefit, and create a harmonious atmosphere for the league.

Thirteen, not to do everything, notify separately.

14. The interpretation of this regulation belongs to the Chinese Go Association.

Chinese Go Association

December 29, 2022

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