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Ten months!What can Jorgevic bring to the Chinese men’s basketball team?

On November 21st, Beijing time, the Chinese men’s basketball team ended the fifth window of the World Championship, defeated the Iranian team and Balling, and successfully obtained the eligibility of the 2023 World Cup.

The national team returned to China. The Basketball Association immediately announced that the Serbian Jorgevich replaced Du Feng to coach the Chinese men’s basketball team. Du Feng coached the national team for three years. It was also three years when the Chinese basketball was troubled by the epidemic. The right and wrong can only be summarized slowly in the future.

It is the only way to enter the Paris Olympic Games for one year from the World Cup. The best results in the Asian team in the World Cup are the only way to enter the Paris Olympic Games. In this section of bones, what can Jorgevic bring to the Chinese men’s basketball team? Why did the Chinese Basketball Association choose him?

In recent years, Chinese basketball has been plagued by the epidemic and has seriously lacked international competition exchanges. However, Jorgevic has long been coaching at the highest level of front -line clubs in Europe for a long time. His arrival can undoubtedly bring the most advanced basketball concept to the Chinese men’s basketball team. It also includes scientific and advanced training methods.

In addition, if the Chinese men’s basketball team wants to contact the European high -level team to warm up in the future, Jorgevic may also help. “Sports Business” revealed that some agents speculated that if the Chinese men’s basketball team really considers naturalized players, Joer Javivic may also provide very pragmatic suggestions and help in this regard.

Both Jorgevic are very prominent in both players and coaches. His coaching ability and business level must be guaranteed, but can “foreign handsome” adapt to the “soil and soil” of Chinese basketball? There is indeed a certain risk, and it is not without learning from the front car. A generation of Greek coaches and coach Yangnkis taught the Chinese men’s basketball team to encounter the most painful defeat in the history of the team, and soon left after class.

The time left to Jorgevic is also very limited, only about ten months. During this time, he inspected the players and test lineups that could only pass the two games in the sixth window of the CBA League and the World Championship. The preparation time of about 3 months.

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  1. Foreign monks read the scriptures, Chinese players do not understand

  2. sheep … qi is corrected, 咩!

  3. Sheep … Ming

  4. The delusion of Cantonese.

  5. Fans like you who like online storms are people who really harm the foundation of basketball.

  6. The new coach brings a righteousness, entering the team according to ability, speaking with grades

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    User7775765765426users 11月 21, 2022 at 2:23 上午

    To pave the way for Du, the future national team coach is still Du Feng

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