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Ten chess scores take you to the championship road, the first phase of the championship class ended

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Peng Quan seven paragraphs to teach

On the evening of January 1st, the first phase of the championship class (the road to the championship) was given in Youdao boutique class.Thinking of more world champion perspectives.

Through the study of the first course, the students in the championship class benefited a lot.In the question and answer of the course, many people have been able to keep up with the world championship ideas and choose the correct direction and recruitment.


Fan Weijing teaching picture

The course of this course is the lecture by the Nongxin Cup group champion Peng Quanqi and the World Double Champion Fan Weijing. Through the interpretation of the gameplay of the world championship, it has comprehensively improved the overall view, computing power, and competition mentality.Each of the ten lessons has a wonderful moment impressed the students. Let’s review them one by one.

First spectrum

The overall view of the championship


In the 27th Samsung Cup 32, Yu Yuting held the black mid -to -mid -market and negative Shen Zhenji

When the two central parties were entangled, Shi Zhenzhen, who had just fiercely chose to get rid of the first, and strengthened.Although Black on the left has launched a round of offensive, Baiqi is more calm in the overall situation.


Control of the Championship

第27届三星杯16强赛 范廷钰执黑1又1/2子负申真谞

The 27th Samsung Cup 16 Fan Tingyu Fan Tingyu holds black 1 and 1/2 child negative Shen Zhenyu

This is a capacity competition. In the mid -stage stage, Shen Zhenyu’s inadvertent second way in the lower left corner sticks to the second way, but it allows the balance of the balance of the balance to slightly tends to White.This game shows the terrible field control ability of Shen Zhen.

These two chess records made the students see the overall situation of Shen Zhenxuan, rigid and soft, and had a relatively clear understanding of the “world first”.


Champion’s mentality

第27届LG杯16强赛 柯洁执黑中盘胜申旻埈

The 27th LG Cup 16 Top 16 Cup Ke Jie Kuroshima Shengsheng Shenshen

The competition mentality needs to be cultivated for a long time, and even the world champion will suffer in the competition, and the thinking is inconsistent.Shen Yan lost to Ke Jie this game. In the battle of the central government, the dragon and vacant attitude were not resolute. As a result, Ke Jie’s wonderful scattered operation and successfully turned over.


Battle of Chinese Go Tell

第27届LG杯半决赛 杨鼎新执白中盘胜申真谞

The 27th LG Cup semi -finals Yang Dingxin Baizhong Shengsheng Shenzhen

Instructor Peng Quan believes that this game is the most exciting game in 2022.Yang Dingxin, who was holding Bai, laid a foreshadowing before dozens of hands, and finally “see the poor dagger.”White advanced into the central black sky and finally locked the victory.This game ended the 23 -game winning streak of the Shenzhe World Championship against Chinese chess players.

Fifth spectrum

Champions Fighting Four Robs Cycles

第24届农心杯第6局 柁嘉熹执黑VS姜东润 无胜负

The 24th of the 24th Nongxin Cup, the 6th inning, 柁 柁 柁 熹 第 v v v v v v v 第 第 第 第 第 第 第

The four calamity cycles of Nongxin Cup have no defeat, which is a strange game in the Go contest this year.The instructor Fan Weijing told everyone the fierce killing of the two stages of this game. The students’ fighting power of the world champion was amazing, and was surprised by the four -robbing cycle.

Sixth Six

Real Edition “Xuanxuan Chess Sutra”

第7届衢州烂柯杯8强赛 芈昱廷执黑中盘胜谢尔豪

The 7th Quzhou Rhake Cup 8th Top 8 Yu Yuting, who is in the black, wins Xie Erhao

Through this game of chess, Mandrers Fan Weijing shared the secret of fighting with the students: the attack on the attack should be changed as much as possible, and the room of the defense should be kept as much as possible;At the end of this bureau, a classic chess shape in the Xuanxuan Chess Sutra, the beauty of Go is on the market.


Concept of Championship

湾区杯第2届大棋士战决赛第2局 丁浩执白中盘胜芈昱廷

Bay Area Cup 2nd Big Chess Finals, Ding Hao, Ding Hao, Bai Haozhong Sheng Ying Yuting

Although Ding Hao is not the world champion for the time being, the combat effectiveness and conception of this game of chess is no less than any world champion.White took a few steps to try on it, not only creating a robbery, but also a ambush.White 5 leaned in here, and the sensitivity and imagination of the chess -shaped shape made people shoot.

Eighth spectrum


第23届阿含桐山杯决赛 李钦诚执黑中盘胜谢尔豪

The 23rd Ahan Tongshan Cup Finals Li Qincheng defeated Xie Erhao

The latest and runner -up finals, through this game of chess, saw Li Qincheng’s sharp knife.Black central excavation and directly defeated White.The battle here has dozens of steps before and after, and Li Qincheng walks in 30 seconds to take a step in the lesson.

Ninth spectrum

Sheng Sheng Shizhen

第14届春兰杯半决赛 李轩豪执白中盘胜申真谞

The 14th Chunlan Cup semi -finals Li Xuanhao holds Bai Zhongpan Shengsheng Zhenzhen

This game is the victory of White.After obtaining the field advantage, Li Xuanhao’s in the lower right corner of White’s handling is agile and elegant, as if Shen Zhenzheng can only be Hu Nai.


Grasp the main contradictions

第14届春兰杯8强 唐韦星执白中盘胜申旻埈

The 14th Chunlan Cup Eight Eight Tang Weixing Perseverance Bai Zhong Dan Shengsheng Shenzhang

The center of Black is broken, and it seems that the momentum is like a rainbow, but at this time, the overall focus is in the appearance of Black in the lower right corner.Although white on the right is a bit weak, it is unlikely to be killed.In fact, Black takes a step step back, and the appearance in the lower right corner can be simple.The actual combat seemed to be positive, but the situation was introduced to the out of control, and it was eventually reversed.

Go is difficult, even if the world championship will make mistakes; Go is not difficult, and there is a concise theory behind each step. It is really difficult to use the chess theory on the chessboard to integrate it.This road is not only on the road, but many world championships are still on the road.

“Youdao Champions Champion Class” is a top course built by Taoism. It is selected and invited to join the high -level new generation Go teenagers through competitions, and equipped them with special customized high -level Go courses and training programs for one year.Help the best Go teenagers on the next level and achieve good results in various competitions.The first person in Chinese Go, the eight -crowned king Ke Jie’s nine -section, the famous chess player, Peng Quan seven seven sections of the third place of the Chunlan Cup, the World Double Championship, the three paragraphs of Fan Weijing, technical guidance of the game “Chess Soul”, and multiple Go gamesThe veteran of the world jointly formed the lineup of the Taoist Champions League instructor, answering questions from the students from all aspects of technology, culture, and technology.

Although there is only one champion, the quality of the champion can be possessed.This is the teaching concept of the championship class. Through the study of the Go championship class, the students’ overall view, self -confidence, frustration and victory and defeat have been comprehensively improved.

Although the championship class came to an end for a while, the path of the students of the students kept in seconds.After a brief rest, everyone will start various contests of the holidays.The championship class and mentors will continue to empower the students to explore the mystery of Go.


—The Taoism Children’s Go-

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